Who made the first known car?

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Q: Who made the first known car?
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What was the first car made in Australia?

The first car that was made in Australia was the Holden 48-215. It was also known as the Holden FX.

What was the very first Holden car ever made?

The very first Holden ever made was the 48-215 or later known as the FX

Is Fiat a well known car made in Germany?

No, Fiat is a well-known car made in Italy.

When were Merc cars first made?

A "merc" car is a car known more formally as a Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz automobile manufacturer was first founded in 1886. However, the first automobile known as a Mercedes was first released in 1901. The first vehicle known as a Mercedes-Benz was marketed in 1926.

Where was the first electric car made?

The electric car was first made in England.

How expensive was the first car?

Well,the very first car was a small steam powered toy made for the Chinese Emperor in 1672, and no cost is known for that model. The first affordable American car was made in 1908 and was called the Ford Model T, and cost around $850.

What year was the first car key made?

The first car key was made in 1878.

When was the first clutch made?

When was the first car made.

Who and which country made car first and when?

I do not know how made the first car ever but i do know that the ford mustang was the first fully American car.

When was the first toy car made?

the first car was made in the 1900. by kajol patel 5b

Who made the first American car?

The first American car was made by Thomas Davenport.

What was Henry fords first car he made?

The first car he made was the Quadricycle. He built it in 1896.

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