Who made the homes in 1500s?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Who made the homes in 1500s?
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Why did europeans leave their homes in 1500s?

They were looking for foods, and new world

Did The Simpsons oil painting pictures made in the 1500s?

Yes it was painted in the 1500s

What year were the first eyeglasses made in?

they were made in the 1500s.

When was a viola made?

The viola was created in the 1500s and our modern viola was created in the 19th century.The viola was made before the violin was!

What country made Mexico is a colony in the 1500s?


Does the viola have a inventor?

No, although the viola was made in the 1500s in Italy.

What were the Egyptians homes made of?

The homes were made of mud bricks and poo but the earliest homes were made of reeds.

Where was the earliest cello made?

The earliest known cello was made in Italy in the mid 1500s.

When were cellos made?

The cello was made by an Italian man, Andrea Amati, in the mid 1500s.

What were the homes that the yurok made?

the homes are made of wood and rock

When and where was the first cello appear?

The first cello was made in Italy in the 1500s.

Who made Famous Authors of the 1500s?

K.A. Applegate thats not funny.