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Who made up tighter than dicks hatband?

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Who is Dick in tighter than Dick's hatband?

Dick and Jack and Joe are everyman - the names people use for the common, ordinary fellow on the street.

Who was dick in the phrase tighter than dicks hat band?

My Oklahoma relatives used it to descibe a perosn who was really very drunk. I always thought it refered to Dick Tracey in some way.

Why is nylon warmer than cotton?

Nylon is warmer than cotton because it is woven tighter tighter than cotton.

Where did the phrase tighter than Dick's hat band come from?

Cuban Dave T in Birmingham, ALThis phrase was indeed used in the movie "True Grit", but it was in reference to the results of a wound. Rooster Cogburn (The Duke) is interrogating the outlaw Moon after a shootout at the dugout on the whereabouts of Lucky Ned Pepper. Moon has been shot in the leg and Rooster says if he doesn't talk he won't take him to a doctor and "... that leg'l swell up tighter'n dicks hatband ... " It is a Southern or Southwestern expression, perhaps an 1800's reference to the discomfort experienced by condom users of the day.Roger H in San DiegoThis phrase comes form the movie "True Grit". In the movie, John Wayne is talking to Kim Darby about a judge (who is in charge of expenses for the Marshalls) who is "...tighter than Dick's hatband." when it comes to paying.In the early fifties my grandmother in northeast Ohio used the phrase to describe someone who was stingy.

Is .0001 a tighter tolerance than .0005?

yes it is tighter

What is tighter than a ducks bottom?

it means that it is watertight or proof....see urban dictionary "tighter than a duck's ass.

How do you make your shirt tighter?

It depends on which gender you choose. Females have tighter shirts than males.

What is athletic fit underwear... Is it tighter then normal underwear?

Yes, it's a breathable underwear made from the same material as athletic shirts. It contains some spandex, so it would be tighter than standard briefs/boxers.

Do younger brothers have bigger dicks than the older one?


Why do big penises please me better then little penises?

weeeeellllllif you are female than larger dicks will turn you onif you are male than larger dicks make you feel like more of a man

Is a midgets vagina tighter than a normal sized woman?

It is!

Are particles in cold are tighter together than in warm air?


Are Asian women tighter than western women?

No. There is no basis for this idea.

Hard smooth rock made of crystals in layers not permeable?

Because the molecular lattice is tighter and smaller than waters molecular lattice making it impermeable

What does tight as Dick's hatband mean?

It refers to Richard Cromwell, son of Oliver Cromwell. The hatband was the British crown. Richard was one of only two commoners to become the Head of State. He was disparaged as "King Dick" and ruled for only 8 months and "tight as Dick's hatband" was saying a poor fit for the duty

Is true that a virgin vagina is tighter than a non virgin vagina?

There is no difference.

What jean size is the one tighter than straight size?

skinny jeans

Why do some rocks erode easier than others?

It usually depends on what they are made of, and how they are eroded. Sedimentary rocks will erode much easier than Metamorphic rocks, because Metamorphic crystals are compacted tighter and in stronger layers than that of Sedimentary rocks.

How tight is a virgin?

Tighter than someone who's had sex for a while. But a vagina is very stretchable

Name something that a woman often wears tighter than a man?


What about the arts of Asia and north America is different from the European arts?

Europeans have bigger dicks than Asians.

Is an alpha particle and a proton released from the centre of the cycltron and made to accelerated at the same cyclotron frequency?

the alpha particle will accelerate slower and follow a tighter/smaller spiral outward than the proton.

Why girls are so tricky than boys?

There not.. being sexist? boys gossip ore than girls they always talk about themselves and there dicks

Are white girls tighter than asians?

No, I'd say white girls spend more freely than Asian girls.

Is it safe to shoot slug with removable modified choke?

Never shoot without a choke tube installed. NEVER SHOOT A SLUG THROUGH ANYTHING TIGHTER THAN AN IMPROVED CYLINDER SCREW IN CHOKE. (Modified is tighter). Slugs shot through a tighter tube can either crack it or blow it out the barrel.

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