Who make the electricity?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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the government or rich people can make it out of wind turbines or solar panels.

Private and Public department can install power stations.
There are, Gas Turbine power station, Steam Turbines or Combine cycle.
Also Hydel , nuclear , diesel engines and solar power generating station

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Thomas A. Edison (1847 -- 1931)

He invented the DC (Direct Current) electricity.

Nikola Tesla (1856 -- 1943)

Invented the AC (Alternating Current) electricity.

All of today's electronics are made to run on DC.

Computers, Car electronics, TVs, etc.

Also anything that uses batteries for power and most equipment which have a circuit board, are DC powered.

Everything else runs on AC (Lights, Appliances and many other things

which we use or need today).

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Q: Who make the electricity?
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What does electricity cause?

electricity causes an electromagnetic field, also radiation.

Which innovation extended the number of hours in a day that American could work and play?


How can electricity communication and transportation facilities indicate the potential for industrial growth?

Without the transportation then there wouldn't be anything to ship to other places which will make it hard to trade. That would be very bad for the industries growth. Without any electricity then there would be no machines to make industry. The only way would be my hand which would take a lot longer. Lastly, without communication then there would be no way to contact people about sales, or trading, or anything of that sort. and them's the facts.

Who invented generators?

Michael Faraday invented electrical generators. While he taught a class he announced to the class, "No relationship exists between electricity and magnetism." He laid a wire across a compass, connected it to a battery, and the pointer did not move.After class a few students looked at the experiment. They moved the wire. They reconnected the battery. The needle moved. Mr Faraday then thought if electricity through a wire can make a magnet move, perhaps it is possible to make a wire moving through a magnetic field produce electricity. He build a little device and produced a spark. He produced the first generator. Thomas Edison hired Telsa at General Electric and they greatly improved the efficiency of Faraday's generator and made it a commercial success.

What gives us electricity?

Power stations, which can either be coal, gas, nuclear powered. Green power such as wind, wave and solar power can also be harnessed to generate electricity.

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Electricity doesn't make metal. Since electricity only travels through it.

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NOPE! Generator can't make electricity

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you can make electricity by using food if you make an electric circuit and connecting it to an light bulb and when the light turns on you have electricity

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The possessive form for the noun electricity is electricity's.

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Lemons And Limes do make electricity but not a lot.

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i know potato's make electricity but i don't know about apples

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make a electric circuit,by using resistors,cll then electricity is produced.

How can elecricity made?

Electricity can be made through a generator. Or you can rub your feet across the carpet and make static electricity. There are many other ways that you can make electricity.

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The electrons make up the electricity. For commercial production of electricity one needs to move the turbine in a magnetic field.