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Huskee has been built under MTD and Murray. I don't know the exact production years for each manufacturer carrying the Huskee brand, but I think it has something to do with who gave Huskee the more favorable contract to build with their brand name. It's basically a decal treatment. They don't bother dressing Huskees up with niche options like the Cubs and Trot-Bilts at Home Depot to make them stand out from Yard Machines. So it's kind of like buying a Cadillac Escalade... basically an overpriced rebadged GMC Denali; And a Huskee is a rebadged, slightly more expensive Yard Machines.

Huskee was there own company back in time and was purchased by MTD later. I don't ever rembember Murray having the Huskee name. It was a better built machine than the average MTD, but that was taken care of later. If you can't sell it under one name, change the decal...

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Q: Who makes Huskee riding mowers?
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