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who makes more money MBA or MTech

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Q: Who makes more money a MBA or mtech?
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Is MBA better than mtech after btech?

MBA and Mtech are diversified programs. Find the trending job graph in your geographical region you will come to know which program is more lucrative.

What do you pursue after your Btech an MBA or mtech?

please help me out

What career makes the most money?

engineerimgand MBA professionls. engineerimgand MBA professionls.

Is it important to do mtech.?

It is important to pursue MTech if you want an advanced degree in technology and electronics. You might also pursue an MBA if you are looking for an advanced degree.

Is MTech beneficial or MBA for mechanical engineer?

M Tech, if you want to continue in your profession (mechanical).

Salary after doing mtech?

The salary difference between MTech and BTech is low.. BTech graduates get an average salary of around 17k in India. And MTech graduates get around 19k.. So its better to do MBA after BE or BTech unless you are to bright in technical aspects..

Will Btech computers students do Mtech in computers or will they prefer other courses like MBA or MSIT?

BTech students shouldn't spoil his carrier in MBA. If your aim is MBA than you should do BA, B Com, BSc or BBA. Because you are to spend a huge amount of fees in BTech which will be worthless if you choose MBA, and it's non technical stream...

Do you get paid more with an MS in accounting or an MBA in accounting?

You get payed more with the MBA, but it is relatively subjective. The company that I worked for hired me with an MBA.

Which has more scope MBA-HR or MBA- finance?


What makes you a suitable candidate for MBA?

christ gd/pi.... What makes you a suitable candidate for an MBA? haha... lol... alteast do dis on ur own....

Why is potting soil measured in quarts?

because some MBA suit decided it would make more money

Can you get a good job in electronics and communication if you r doing it from a simple college or you will have to go for MBA or mtech?

A simple college still teaches you everything you would need to know the only difference is the porgrams are probably different lengths. Also with the MBA or MTech, they only teach you those things, and nothing else, where as with a normal college you may have to take other things like yolur math English and social studies.

What after btech in cse?

try to get placement in average or good IT company. also can go for further higher studies. for more []

What is your goal and how will pursuing MBA help you to accomplish that goal?

money; MBA provides a marker to lazy hirers

How much do MBA from AIU earn?

good money

What is better MBA or MS?

I think MBA from a very good institution is much better than MS, because MBA makes one get the administrative knowledge. Further more, it opens a vast area for getting a job in many companies, unlike MS.

What is the scope for a veterinarian who did MBA after his bvsc?

There is much more scope for a Veterinarian after MBA.

Where can I find more information on mba admissions ?

if you want more info about mba admission check out these sites,,, or .

Who created money?

Money was created in 3016 B.C (by Sir John Money), Source MBA in Finance.

What after BE in computer?

You can do any of following 1.ME 2.MTECH 3.MS 4.MBA 5.MCA 6.JOB 7.Buisness Choose whatever you like only after thinking about it in detail!

How much money do MBA make?

Scads! I wish I was a MBA....Don't you wish you were a MBA too? -Truth is, it really depends on what field you go into with your MBA. There's a lot of burger-flippers with MBAs right now....

Is M.Com equal with MBA executive?

M.Com is not equivalent to MBA Executive. The courses of MBA is far more advanced than M.Com

Can a Lego MBA code be used more than once?

No, a Lego MBA code cannot be used more than once.

Can I get an online MBA scholarship?

Yes, MBA scholarships are available online. Here's a website that will help you learn more about an online MBA scholarship and how to get one.

Is AMIE plus MTech qualified for lecturer in engineering colleges?

AMIE is is equivalent to BE/B-Tech/BS and recognised by Ministry of HRD , Govt of India and International Bodies as well. Anyone qualified as AMIE can go for M-Tech , MS , MBA , MSc or any Post Graduate studies . AMIE + MTech means BE + MTech . So is well qualified to be a lecturer in any Govt , Pvt or International University like any other normal Engineering Graduate.