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Some of the Task Force woodworking tools are made by Rexon Industrial Corporation, a Taiwan manufacturer that also makes some of the Sears Craftsman tools. Their website. Prior to being called "Task Force" at Lowe's some of the tools were called "Tradesman", but I do not think that the "Tradesman" name was used exclusivley by Lowe's. Many years (many, many) before I saw the name at Lowe's I bought a Tradesman drill press from Central Tractor (now Tractor Supply?) and the logo on the drill press is identical to that on the table saw and band saw that I bought from Lowe's.

The products shown on the Rexon website, with the Rexon name on them, are identical to the Tradesman/Task Force band saw and table saw that I bought from Lowe's. The motor on my band saw, btw is identified as a Craftsman! The USA office of Rexon, in Rock Hill, SC, identifies their web-site as

AnswerWell, after lots of searching and research I'm convinced the answer is Legacy Manufacturing. I believe they distribute the products under the trademarks of Workforce, Task Force and Central Pneumatic to various retailers. They are a division of Weems Industries.

I was searching to find an owners manual for a Task Force hose reel commonly sold by Lowes. I find the owners manual I was searching for on Legacy's site which is what convinced me they were the manufacturer although the model and item numbers did not align to Legacy's posted numbers.

AnswerI was told by a salesman at Lowes that Task Force brand tools was a spin off of Black and Decker. Haven't found any proof though. AnswerActually, Fire Storm is the spin-off from Black & Decker since Black & Decker started marketing themselves toward professionals. They created Fire Storm to continue with their market for the everyday consumer. Task Force does seem to only show up at Lowes so that would lead me to believe that this is their house brand.

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Task Force™ is indeed a house brand of Lowe's Corporation. There are most likely many different manufacturer's of these tools found at Lowe's. Unfortunately they do not manage a brand website so no information is able to be found on these products.

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The Distributor for Task Force Tools in North America is LG Sourcing, Inc in Wilkesboro, NC. The Customer Service phone number is 1-800-243-5114

MORE INFO LG Sourcing, Inc. is wholly owned By the Lowe's Corporation.

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Q: Who manufactures Task Force tools?
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