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None. It was only a skirmish.

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Q: Who many troops did the Texans have in the battle of Gonzales?
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The battle at Gonzales and Goliad made many Texans believe what?

they convinced many Texans that Texas should be part of Mexico.

How many Mexicans died in the Battle of Refugio?

It is still unknown, but 1,500 Mexican troops against 148 Texans doesn't sound much like a battle, does it?

How many Texans battle in the civil war?

approximately 27

How many volunteers and Texans died at the Battle of the Alamo?

Around 185.

How many Texans died at the battle of the almo?

189 Texan defenders

What was the number of troops involved in both sides of the battle in the battle of Atlantic?

how many troops were involoved in both sides of the battle of Atlantic

How many troops were rescued?

338,000 troops were rescuedin the battle of dunkirk.

How many Texans died in the battle of Velasco?

The 26 June 1832 Battle of Velasco saw between 8 and 10 deaths with at least 12 others wounded. Mexican losses were 5 killed and 15 wounded. It is often forgotten in the History of the Texas Revolution and the Battle of Gonzales on 2 October 1835 which was also a Battle over posession of a cannon is most often called the first battle of the Texas Revolution.

At what battle did the Mexican Army surrender to the Texans?

The decisive defeat in Texas was at the Battle of San Jacinto led by Sam Houston defeating Mexican General Santa Ana in a surprise attack. This battle occurred after the devastating defeat of the Texans at the Alamo by the same general Santa Ana. Houston himself lost many friends and even a relative of his wife, Mary, at the Alamo. Houston's troops were rallyed by the cry, "Remember the Alamo."

How many Texans survived in the battle of goliad in 1835?

303 Texans were executed by the Mexican soldiers under the orders of Santa Anna.

How many troops were at the battle of vincennes?


How many died in the battle of Gonzales?

Two from the Mexican Army.