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Q: Who much postage is needed mailing a letter from Woodstock NY to Falmouth MA?
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What is something you have to stick on a letter before mailing it?

A Postage Stamp.

How much postage is needed to mail a letter to canada?

This depends on where you are mailing the letter from, and the dimensions and weight of the letter.

Mailing a letter from Ohio to Hawaii regular postage rate?

Yes -feewet

What kind of stamps do you use US stamps to mail a letter to Canada?

When mailing a letter or package you always use postage purchased in the country you are mailing from. So if you are mailing a letter from the USA to Canada, you would buy stamps at your local post office.

How many stamps are needed to mail a letter across country?

In the US, the amount of postage is the same for mailing a letter anywhere within the US. Not sure is additional charge for mailing to Hawaii.

What is the postage price for mailing a letter from Arizona to Canada?

Currently an international first class letter of one ounce is 98 cents.

Can you use a US stamp to mail letter to Canada?

That is what you do with a stamp, put it on a letter to pay for it to be delivered. You always use the postage from the country you are mailing the item in.

How much postage to mail a letter from Philadelphia to London?

Depends on the size and weight of the letter as well as the class of the mailing. See Sources and related links.

How much postage from US to Costa Rica?

The cost of mailing a letter to Costa Rica will be different, depending on what country you are in when you mail the letter.

Can you use us postage stamp for Vancouver?

You must use Canadian postage stamps when you are mailing a letter from Vancouver, BC, Canada. You would need to purchase a certain stamp depending on the letter's destination. Postage rates apply to domestic, USA, and International destinations.

What was the value of the first US postage stamp issued?

Five cents was the value. That was the cost of mailing a half ounce letter.

If you put postage for mailing on letters today can you mail them at a later date?

Yes you can mail the letter on a later date, but remember the person will then get your letter late as well.