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Paul Von Hindenburg putted Hitler and Chancellor and Hitler mad himself Fuhrer when Hindenburg died.

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When was Adolf Hitler most happy?

The happiest moment in his life was probably when he was finally named chancellor, after his long struggle to get the position.

How many sisters does Hitler have?

Hitler has one sister named Paula Hitler and one half sister named Angela Hitler Raubel he has no brothers

What is Hitler brothers and sisters named?

Hitler had a brother named Edmund who die when he was six and a sister named Paula who outlived him

Is Adolf Hitler's sister Hope the daughter of there father Dahak?

No! Adolph Hitler did not have a sister named Hope. His sister was named Paula. Adolph Hitler did not have a father named Dahak. His father was named Alios Hitler.

Why was Hitler named as Hitler?

It was his surname, his father's surname was Hitler and he received his fathers surname.

What was the first position of power held by Hitler in Germany?

The first position of power held by Hitler in Germany was that of Reichskanzler (chancellor).

Did Hitler have children?

Hitler did not have children, but he had a wife named Eva Braun.

Why did he become Adolph Hitler?

his mom gave birth to him and named him hitler.

Did Hitler had Schnauzer?

Hitler had a German Shepherd or Alsatian named Blondi.

Who are Hitlers siblings?

Paula Hitler is the only sibling who reached adulthood. He had 4 more siblings who are: Gustav Hitler, Ida Hitler, Paula Hitler, and Edmund Hitler. Also, he had a half-brother, named Alois Hitler Jr. and a half sister, named Angela Hitler Raubal

What position does Adolf Hitler presently hold in government?

Adolph Hitler died in 1945 and holds no position in any government at present.

Did Adolf Hitler have any relatives by the name of Josephine Hitler?

he had a sister named Palah Hitler it's on Auschwitz.dk but there was no josephine Hitler that i know of

Father of Hitler citizenship?

Hitler's father, named Alios Hitler, was a citizen of Austria.

Is there any one named Hitler?

Hitler was his family name still in use by his family

Was Hitler the president of Germany?

No, Hitler was never the president of Germany. When Hitler declared himself the Fuhrer, he abolished the position of federal president.

What is the name of the middle position in netball?

This position is named the centre.

How did the halacaust began?

. A man named Hitler started it

Did Hitler have any brother's and sister's?

Hitler did have brothers and sister. Four of his siblings died. He had an older half brother named Alois, and older half sister named Angela and a younger sister named Paula.

Did Hitler have a girlfriend?

Yes Hitler was dating a girl named Charlotte wright but were sometimes mistaken as Twins

What world war was Hitler named chancellor?

Adolf Hitler was named chancellor of Germany on Jan 30, 1933. This happened before WORLD WAR 2 which started in 1939.

How was Hitler able to control the Nazis?

Hitler was elected the head of the Nazi Party because of his "charm" and persuasiveness and oratory skills. He became the Fuhrer when we moved from the Chancellor position into the Fuhrer position when the President died. Hitler then eliminated the constitution and became the dictator.

How long was Hitler in office?

he married a monkey named sue:)))))))))))))

Did Hitler have a dog?

yes a German Shepard named blondie

What did Hitler named himself of Germany?

The fuhrer (leader) of Germany.

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