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In December 1642, Dutch explorer Abel Tasman sighted a new land which he described as mountainous and covered in cloud in the south, but more barren in the north. He had discovered New Zealand. The islands were named after the Dutch province of Zeeland.

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Q: Who named New Zealand and why?
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Why is New Zealand named New Zealand?

New Zealand is named after Zeeland, the western most province of Netherlands. A Dutch explorer Abel Tasman was the first European to discover the land and named it New Zealand.

What are the names of New Zealand authors?

John P Phillip named New Zealand New Zealand

Where did New Zealand the word come from. why not New England. What is a Zealand. And who named our beautiful country?

New Zealand was named after Zeeland, a province. It was discovered and named by Abel Tasman

Why is Zealand new?

There is another "Zealand" in the Netherlands. I believe New Zealand was named after that part of The Netherlands.

How do you spell New Zealand?

New ZealandNew Zealand. named after a Dutch province of Zeeland, which in English is Zealand. Literally sea land.

Why do you have New Zealand?

why do you have your country? every part of known land or sea is named so therefore New Zealand is New Zealand

Abel Tasman named New Zealand after a place in Holland called?

Abel Tasman named New Zealand after the Dutch province of Zeeland.

How did New Zealand gets its name?

New Zealand was named after Zealand, a province in The Netherlands, by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman.

What is the most southern town in New Zealand?

Oban is the southernmost named town in New Zealand.

How was New Zealands name created?

New Zealand was named after Zealand, a province in the Netherlands. The Dutch were the first Europeans to discover it. It does not resemble Zealand - Zealand is flat, New Zealand is mountainous.

What is the capital of New Zealand and after who was it named?

The Capital Of New Zealand is Wellington. It was named after the second most important chamber of the Dutch-east-Indian Company.

What was the kiwi fruit named after in new zealand?

It was named after the Kiwi bird which is the national bird of New Zealand. They used to be called Chinese gooseberry but in 1959 the name Kiwifruit was adopted. Despite the name, kiwifruit are not native to New Zealand. Seeds were brought to New Zealand in 1904

What did Abel Tasman call New Zealand?

Abel Tasman gave New Zealand the name 'New Zealand', named after a province in Holland called Zeeland.

Why doesn't New Zealand change their name to Zealand?

New Zealand was named by the explorer Abel Tasman, after Zeeland in the Netherlands, which is why it is called New Zealand. (Zealand is the English spelling of this Dutch name).There is also a Zealand in Denmark, but this is coincidental.

What are the mountains in New Zealand?

There are thousands of mountains in new Zealand - indeed up to a hundred separately named ranges of them.

Why is the name of New Zealand spelled with Z and not with S?

New Zealand was originally named after the Netherlands province, Zeeland.

WHERE IN New Zealand is river buller?

The River Buller is on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It was named after Charles Buller who furthered the colonization of New Zealand.

What was New Zealand named after?

The province of Zeeland in the Netherlands.

Where did new zealand get its name from?

New Zealand got it's name after some one (i can't remember who) named it after Zealand in Holland. It's the same as New Mexico and New England.

Is New Zealand in euorpe?

No, alas it is easy to be confused by such. New Zealand was named after Zeeland which is in Europe. New Zealand is actually in the South Pacific a fair bit to the right of Australia.

Where is the old New Zealand?

Zeeland is a province in the Netherlands and Abel Tasman (who was from the Netherlands) named New Zealand after it, after he discovered it in 1642.

What do the maori call New Zealand?

The maori named New Zealand: Aotearoa meaning Land of the Long White Cloud.

Where is the country old zealand?

New Zealand was named after 'Zeeland' in the Netherlands. --------------- Zealand is also the English name for Sjaelland in Denmark.

Where is Zealand?

New Zealand is located at the southern hemisphere, so it's by the pacific ocean However; Zealand is a Danish island. Part of Copenhagen is on it. and ZEELAND (after which New Zealand is named) is in the Netherlands.

Which town in New Zealand was named after people from Denmark?