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In December 1642, Dutch explorer Abel Tasman sighted a new land which he described as mountainous and covered in cloud in the south, but more barren in the north. He had discovered New Zealand. The islands were named after the Dutch province of Zeeland.

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Q: Who named New Zealand and why?
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Where did New Zealand the word come from. why not New England. What is a Zealand. And who named our beautiful country?

New Zealand was named after Zeeland, a province. It was discovered and named by Abel Tasman

Why is New Zealand named New Zealand?

New Zealand is named after Zeeland, the western most province of Netherlands. A Dutch explorer Abel Tasman was the first European to discover the land and named it New Zealand.

What are the names of New Zealand authors?

John P Phillip named New Zealand New Zealand

Why is Zealand new?

There is another "Zealand" in the Netherlands. I believe New Zealand was named after that part of The Netherlands.

Why do you have New Zealand?

why do you have your country? every part of known land or sea is named so therefore New Zealand is New Zealand

What is the most southern town in New Zealand?

Oban is the southernmost named town in New Zealand.

How did New Zealand gets its name?

New Zealand was named after Zealand, a province in The Netherlands, by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman.

Abel Tasman named New Zealand after a place in Holland called?

Abel Tasman named New Zealand after the Dutch province of Zeeland.

How was New Zealands name created?

New Zealand was named after Zealand, a province in the Netherlands. The Dutch were the first Europeans to discover it. It does not resemble Zealand - Zealand is flat, New Zealand is mountainous.

How do you spell New Zealand?

New ZealandNew Zealand. named after a Dutch province of Zeeland, which in English is Zealand. Literally sea land.

What is the capital of New Zealand and after who was it named?

The Capital Of New Zealand is Wellington. It was named after the second most important chamber of the Dutch-east-Indian Company.

What was New Zealand named after?

The province of Zeeland in the Netherlands.

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