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The Montgomery Wards Western Field model 46C was made for them buy Mossberg and sons.The Mossberg model 42A and your rifle are one and the same.Mossberg made the model 42A from 1937-1938.

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It's pretty old. And I'll give you 100 bucks for it.

Made 1937-1938,The age would be 75-76 years old.

The model 87 was made for Montgomry Ward by Savage Stevens from 1938-1945.

Should be a version of the Marlin 336. Wards sold the Marlin under the Western Field brand name through the 1960's until they switched to Mossberg in 1971.I've found that the Western Field Model 33A was made by Noble.

All of the Wards SB model shotguns in my cross reference have a number with the letters. Please check your model number closely, and repost your question.

Your western field model 32 is actually a mossberg model 20 or model 21.The mossberg model 20,21 was made by mossberg between the years 1933-1938,for the montgomery wards stores(western field brand name).

My father used a Wards Western Field 410 gauge repeater as a young man. The gun I believe is approximately 70-80 years old. If you have a patent number you can contact the pantent office and they should be able to tell you when the shotgun was first produced.

The Western Field model 41 was made for Montgomery Wards by Mossberg and was the Mossberg model 45 . The model 45 was made from 1935 to 1937 and some minor improvements were made in the model in 1937 and was labeled as the model 45A. I believe the last 45A was made in 1938 so most likely all Western Field model 41s were made between 1935-38.

Your Western field model 31 .22cal rifle was made by Mossberg for the Montgomery Wards Company(Western Field).The Mossberg model 40 is the same firearm.The mossberg model 40 was made between the years 1933-1935.

Westernfield sb808c is made by savage for Montgomery wards. The savage model identical to the westernfield is the savage 87j.

The Western Field model 36 .22 rifle was a Montgomery Wards branded Mossberg model 10 or Stevens (Savage) model 52b. Both were sold as Western Field model 36s. These date to the mid-1930s.

A akapoopoo.The Western Field model 30 was made for Montgomery Wards(Western Field) by the Stevens Arms Company.The Stevens model 520 and your firearm are one and the same.This model was designed by John M Browning.These were made from 1912-1932.They were also made again for the U.S. Gov. from 1936-1942.

Old Montgomery Wards Catalogs, Blue Book of Gun Values

Made by Savage/Stevens, similar to the Model 39A. Figure 1940's.

Your western field shotgun was made by mossberg.This mossberg model 500B is not that old having been made from 1962-1998.At this time If you can find out when Montgomery wards went out of busines(house name for western field) and go back to 1962 you will have some idea of the age of your shotgun.

We can't tell with a model number- then we MAY be able to give you a range of years. Sort of like asking how old is a Ford car.

If your rifle is a bolt action with a tubular magazine, it was likely a Mossberg Model 45A, made for Montgomery Wards under their Westernfield label. That rifle was produced for a brief time- 1937-1938.

I have one of the Western Field 38 and after some searching on the internet I found a sight with OLD mossberg catalogs on it. it looks like mine is a Mossberg Model 35 with No.3 Peep Sight and and the mulit post ramp sight. I think the No.3 peep was a lower cost option than the micro-click. Mossberg did in fact make that rifle for Montgomery Wards.

Made after World War 2 and before the mid 1970s.

how old is a western field 12 gage shotgun browning patend 38535

apparently this gun (model 31) is actually a savage/stevens model 620(?). The last year that was made was 1954.

Your westernfield model 175 was made by mossberg firearms company for montgomery wards(westernfield name).There model number was the mossberg model 385K.These 20ga.bolt action shotguns were made from 1960-1986.

25 years old The Western Field Model 865 is a private-branded Mossberg Model 402 which was sold by Montgomery Wards from 1968-1969. The Western Field 865A, which featured a slightly larger forearm, was sold from 1970-1971. The Western Field guns do not have the checkered stocks of the Mossberg 402 'Palomino' and obviously not the Mossberg logo buttplate. It has the 20" barrel of the 402 Carbine (the Model 400 had a 24" barrel) and the tubular magazine will hold 15 .22LR cartridges.