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The Montgomery Wards Western Field model 46C was made for them buy Mossberg and sons.The Mossberg model 42A and your rifle are one and the same.Mossberg made the model 42A from 1937-1938.

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Q: Who old is your wards western field 46c?
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How old is wards western field deluxe model sb 60a?

sb 60a

How old is the wards western field AB80A and what is its value?

It's pretty old. And I'll give you 100 bucks for it.

How old is a Wards Western field 22 Rifle Model 39A?

No known published sn data.

How old is a wards western field bolt action 22 cal rifle model 14M 495B?

In 1941

What age is wards western field No. 47a?

Made 1937-1938,The age would be 75-76 years old.

How old is a Wards Western Field 12 gauge shotgun Model 10 SD247A with no serial number?

ere ere

How old is a Wards Western Field Model 10SD247A 16 gage shotgun?

60 years give or take a couple

How old is Wards western field 22 Model 87?

The model 87 was made for Montgomry Ward by Savage Stevens from 1938-1945.

How old is a Western Field Model 33A?

Should be a version of the Marlin 336. Wards sold the Marlin under the Western Field brand name through the 1960's until they switched to Mossberg in 1971.I've found that the Western Field Model 33A was made by Noble.

How old is a Western field model 32-22?

Your western field model 32 is actually a mossberg model 20 or model 21.The mossberg model 20,21 was made by mossberg between the years 1933-1938,for the montgomery wards stores(western field brand name).

How old is your Wards Western Field 12 Gauge model SB-a?

All of the Wards SB model shotguns in my cross reference have a number with the letters. Please check your model number closely, and repost your question.

When was the first Wards Western Field 410 gauge repeater made?

My father used a Wards Western Field 410 gauge repeater as a young man. The gun I believe is approximately 70-80 years old. If you have a patent number you can contact the pantent office and they should be able to tell you when the shotgun was first produced.