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My father used a Wards Western Field 410 gauge repeater as a young man. The gun I believe is approximately 70-80 years old. If you have a patent number you can contact the pantent office and they should be able to tell you when the shotgun was first produced.

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Q: When was the first Wards Western Field 410 gauge repeater made?
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Where can you find a new barrel for a Wards Western Field 20 gauge repeater?

Several different companies made shotguns for Wards. First determine what it really is (look in a Gun Values book and compare the gun to the pictures) then go to for parts.

Where can you get a bolt for wards western field 47or mossberg 45A?

I would first start looking at numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the net.

What is a words western field model 10-sd247a?

The words Western Field means that you have a firearm that was made for the Montgomery wards Co.In this case you have a firearm that was made by Stevens,and the model that you have is The stevens model 94B(Tenite).This is a single shot shotgun that was first made in 1926.

How do you cycle a Wards Western Field 12 Gauge Model SB 30A Shotgun?

Please take the gun to a reputable gunshop or gunsmith for safety instructions, first. They will be able to show you how to operate it.

Where can you purchase a stock end for a wards western field Model30-sb562a?

Try: Numrich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop You are looking for a Savage mod 520 - that is the model number of the actual manufacturer.

How do you get a tactical stock that fits your western field 12 gauge?

First you need to figure out what compnay made it. Different companies made them and they were rebranded for montgomery wards and other retailers. I have a 550ar and it is a mossberg 500. I have bought numerous products for it now and all have fit precisely.

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When was the Marksman Repeater BB gun patented?

There have been several models of the marksman repeater. The first one was made in 1955

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Who is the maker of a Western Field 30-30 M72 rifle?

hello, the lever action 30-30 would be a Marlin 336 made for the Westernfield but I see you're askin about the M72. I awesternm pretty sure its the Marlin again, perhaps more closer to Marlin Glenfield. No, this is actually a version of the Mossberg Model 472 lever-action .30/30, not the Marlin. You have to remember that Montgomery Wards had a long-standing business relationship with Mossberg. Wards originally did buy lever-action rifles from Marlin, which were marked as the Western Field Model 33, but in 1971 the Wards buyers contacted Mossberg management about designing a lever-action for the Wards Western Field label. Mossberg took on the project and with collaboration from the gun design group at Belmore-Johnson had a prototype ready within the year. Wards management liked the prototype and a large contract was issued for the gun, which became the Mossberg Model 472. Interestingly enough, the gun did not appear under the Mossberg brand until 1974 - Wards got the first rifles two years earlier. It was produced until 1979, replaced by the Model 479. So, the Western Field Models 72, 72C, 771, 772, 777 and 778 are all variants of the Mossberg 472. 'Revelation' Model 205 and 207 (Western Auto) are also Mossberg 472's. The specific Model 72 is a 24" barrel .30/30 with pistol grip stock, a private-branded 472PRA. Although the Mossberg 472 and the Marlin 336 have a similar appearance to the novice, all you have to do is work the lever. The Mossberg trigger rotates down with the lever, whereas the Marlin trigger remains in the receiver.

Who Made a Montgomery Wards double barrel shotgun 60023?

Montgomery Wards did not make guns, they were made by various companies like Mossberg, Savage, Stevens and Hi Standard. Who made guns /shotguns for JC Penney, Sears, and Western Auto along with guns for Wards. The brand name were put on the guns for the stores to sell. Take the Shotgun to a gun shop and get it identified first to find out who made it.