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chris Jericho defeated edge at wrestlemania 26

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At WrestleMania 26 Edge will face Chris Jericho for the World HeavyWeight Championship. Edge won the 2010 Royal Rumble returning to WWE at spot number 29. He then chose to face Jericho after Chris won the Elimination Chamber. It will b a Great Match.

No. Edge is alive and well. He will be headlining Wrestlemania 26 in Phoenix,AZ this year against Chris Jericho

Yes sir, he will spear him and pin him down for three seconds

yea, he will, hes just healing from his injury, the injury he has, takes a long time to heel, but when he comes back he will be a babyface, and take on chris Jericho at wrestlemania 26.As of nov. 23 edge is back on his feet with out crunches so he is expected to return between dec 31- mar 5.I believe that edge will return at the royal rumble and either win it at #30, or possibly screwing Jericho out of a rumble win which will probably lead to a match between them at wrestlemania.ANSWER KINDA RELATED WITH THE 1 ON TOPEdge returned at the royal rumble at #29, eliminates Chris Jericho, Batista, and john cena. then at elimination chamber Chris Jericho won the world title. then Edge cashes in the royal rumble win to challenge Chris Jericho at wrestlemania 26. that's how it went.

World Heavyweight championship: World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho VS. 2010 Royal Rumble winner THE RATED R SUPERSTAR Edge!!!

chris Jericho retained his world heavy weight title by deafeting edge chris got his belt and hit edge with it when the ref was knocked out but when the ref got up Jericho ran at egde and codebreakerd him and chris won but after the match edge spered chris through the barrier.......

Chris Irvine is Chris Jericho, and Adam Copeland is Edge :) "no Jericho is called chris irvine, and edge is called something copeland" No edge is wayyyyy better looking then Jericho --- Edge? not really. his body and his hair are nice... but his face ... well, not the best.

edge speared john cena Shawn michaels chris Jericho and batista in 2010

edge is the better wrestler.

They are both wrestlers.

No, but they are good friends.

Edge. This was his return from a major achilles injury—he eliminated his former tag team partner Chris Jericho moments after entering at number 29, and went on to eliminate John Cena to win it all. He took on Jericho at that year's WrestleMania in a losing effort.

EDGE......... but EDGE is nothing compared to Chris Jericho

yes he will spear him and pin

Edge has had alot of tag team partners here are 5 of them... Edge & Christian Edge & Randy Orton ( Rated rKO ) Edge & Curt Hawkins Edge & Zack Ryder Edge & Chris Jericho Hawkins & Ryder looked up to Edge. Christian was like a brother to Edge. And Orton & Edge both HATED D-Generation-X so they tagged up and beat them for the tag titles. Edge teamed up with Jericho at THE BASH 2009 and won the tag titles. But Now Edge and Jericho hate one another! At Wrestlemania 26, Edge will face Jericho for the heavyweight title. Well, It's 2010 now. And Edge is left partner-less. ya who ever did that they frogot the big 1 edge and lita

Most likely Edge will return at the Royal Rumble 2010 at entrant # 30 and will win. And then at Wrestlemania 26, Jericho will be World Champion and Edge will challenge Jericho. As for The Rock, it is highly unlikely he will return to verse John Cena or wrestle let alone. Other than that, I dont think anything else is scheduled or spoiled to happen yet.

The match has not happened yet! The match is not until 03/28/10

Edge's injury was said to have lasted 6 months since The Bash meaning Edge has a good chance of returning in late Janurary, or the 2010 Royal Rumble. Edge has a good chance of winning the Royal Rumble since he has never won one before. Plus, if you look at the previous winners: Randy Orton, John Cena, and Undertaker, they have all never won the Royal Rumble before, but are used to having gold around their waist. Edge has the same statistics as the three men, and Jericho could become World Heavyweight Champion sometime around the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010 and begin a feud that started when they were tag team partners in July 2009. Since Chris Jericho deserted Edge, Edge is most likely to play face in this rivalry and Edge is most likely to win his 10th Championship at Wrestlemania, unless Wrestlemania 26 is anything like Wrestlemania 25, where every underdog such as The Colons, Triple H, and CM Punk won their matches, Chris Jericho will retain the World Heavyweight Championshiop.

He did on July 17, 2009 when he interrupted Chris Jericho

yes they are they are also best friends with chris jericho!

There was Edge, Chris Jericho, Christian, Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin and Kane. Edge won with chris Benoit almost winning.

I dont think so, I heard hes returning after WrestleMania 26

On Friday Night ( March 28 .2010) SmackDown!, Chris Jericho was cutting a promo when Edge came out and speared him. Edge was leaving the ring when Jack Swagger knocked Edge down with the the MITB briefcase. Swagger then cashed in the MITB and beat Chris Jericho to win the World Heavyweight Championship. SO SWAGGER NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION : D