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Q: Who opens the gates of heaven?
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What is the duration of Gates of Heaven?

The duration of Gates of Heaven is 1.42 hours.

What is the legit name for the gates of heaven?

There is no legitimate name for the gates of heaven.

What are the gates of heaven made of?

Heavens gates are made of pearls

When was The Ripper at the Heaven's Gates of Dark created?

The Ripper at the Heaven's Gates of Dark was created on 2011-10-31.

Will there be whites in heaven?

Yes, Christ opened the gates of heaven to ALL people.

How many door are heaven names them?

There are various interpretations and beliefs across different religions and cultures about how many gates or doors Heaven may have. In Christianity, the Bible mentions the "pearly gates" in the Book of Revelation, but it does not specify a specific number. In Islam, it is believed that Heaven has eight gates. Ultimately, the exact number of gates or doors to Heaven is not explicitly defined in a universal or literal sense.

Why are the gates of Heaven called the Pearly Gates. What about the Gates of Hell?

The term "Pearly Gates" comes from the imagery of Heaven being a place of beauty and purity, with gates made of pearls. In contrast, the Gates of Hell are often depicted as dark and menacing to symbolize the entrance to a place of punishment and suffering.

Book about a man that visits the gates of heaven while in a coma?

90 min in heaven

Who judges in heaven?

It is said that Saint Peter stands before the pearly gates and judges each person before they go through the pearly gates into heaven.

What is Saint Peter's job?

He has the Keys to the Gates of Heaven.

Does anyone stand at the gates of heaven?

Saint Peter.

Why is Jesus inportant?

Because you have to have believe in him to get thru the gates of heaven.