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Congress. In the 1700's the public was not able to vote for Congress or president .

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the legislatures of each state

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Q: Who originally selected U.S. Senators?
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How were senators originally selected?

They were selected by national legislatures

Under the provision of the original US constitution the most democratically selected body was the?

That is House of Representatives. Senators were originally elected by state legislatures.

Which explains how representatives and senators in the US are selected?

They are voted in by citizens of their home states.

Who originally selected senators?

There are 100 senators in the United States. Each of the 50 states has 2 senators. The senator is voted into office by the people of the state. Each senator voted in office serves a term of 6 years in office representing the people of the state. The Vice President is the leader over the senators.

The framers entrusted the selection of US senators to?

The framers entrusted the selection of the US senators to the state legislatures. Today they are selected through a formal vote by the citizens within the state.

Who chooses the US Senate?

Originally the legislatures of each U.S. state selected their two U.S. senators and sent them to Washington. But in 1913, the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provided for popular election of U.S. senators by state citizens. Each state has its own process and rules around nominating and electing their U.S. senators.

Who are the senators selected by?

elected by the people

When have Senators been directly elected by the voters?

In the US- since the 17th Amendment went to effect in 1913. Before that, Senators were selected by each state's legislature.

Who originally chose senators?

state legislatures

How many senators from every state?

The United States Constitution sets the number of Senators for each state at two. Originally, each state selected its senators by action of their respective legislatures. This was changed by the 17th Amendment to the Constitution passed in 1913 creating the direct election of senators in each state. The movement to change came from the progressives of the time and a number of changes in American political life can be traced to that period.

How are US Senators selected today?

US senators are elected by the citizens of their state since the ratification of the 17th amendment in 1913. Before that, they were elected by the legislatures of their states.

Are there a 100 members in the us senate?

Two senators are selected from each state and there are 50 states.