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Google-U.S all share youtube
idk its a public website
Before 2006 YouTube was an independent company but since 2006, Google brought YouTube and is now under their control.

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Youtube now is owned by Google.

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Q: Who own's YouTube?
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Which company owns youtube?


What company owns youtube?


Is Google video copying YouTube?

Google owns YouTube. You can't copy yourself.

Is it okay to post a video on YouTube with images that are from Google?

It probably wouldn't be a problem because Google owns YouTube.

Who owns the company which organizes and puts YouTube videos out?

The company who owns the company which organizes and puts YouTube videos out most likely being referred to is TEVO. However, individual users upload videos themselves.

Who is tre melvin?

Tre Melvin is a youtuber who owns the channel 'ThisIsACommentary' on youtube.

Does Google own YouTube?

Yes, Google does now own YouTube. Go to to learn more

Who owns the lost scarf in club penguin elite force?

I Forgot but you can go to youtube and type in who owns the lost scarf in clubpenguin elite force.

What came first Google or YouTube?

Google of course. Google owns YouTube so its pretty clear witch came out first. Google came out in 1998 & YouTube was created February of 2005, Google Bought YouTube in 2006!

What company owns the website YouTube?

YouTube was created by three people who were previous employees of PayPal. It is now owned by Google and has its headquarters in San Bruno in California.

Who owns Chevy?

Chevy was owned by youtube until being sold to google in 2009 for $22.7 million.

If you have a YouTube account can you log into Google with it?

Since Google owns YouTube, you can use your Google account on YouTube, and vice versa. If you have a Google and YouTube account, you can even "link" the two together so that everything is organized. Just log in to Google with your Google account, and then log into YouTube with your YouTube account, and it will present you with the option to link them.

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