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Nobody owns the Antarctic continent, which is governed under The Antarctic Treaty. The Antarctic treaty was originally signed by twelve countries on 1 December 1959. It was enacted in June 1961, and since then has been signed by 49 countries. Of these signatory countries, only 28 are "Consultative parties", participating in the decision making process. The Treaty covers all territory on the Earth south of 60 degrees South Latitude. The purpose of the treaty was to ensure that Earth's remaining frontier would not be exploited for its resources, and would only ever be used for scientific and peaceful purposes.

There are seven countries that have territorial claims to Antarctica's continent, but none of them own it. Territory is officially claimed by Australia, New Zealand, France, Norway, Argentina, Chile and the United Kingdom. Brazil has made an unofficial claim, and Nazi Germany has an historic claim. Some of these claims overlap. The treaty ensures that no new claims can be made, and that no current activities can be used to assert, support or deny a claim.

Australia is among seven nations that have claimed territory in Antarctica. These claims are based on discovery and effective occupation of the claimed area, and are legal according to each nation's laws. Three countries - the United Kingdom, Chile and Argentina - have overlapping claims in the Antarctic.

Some countries explicitly recognise these claims; some have a policy of not recognising any claims in Antarctica, and others reserve the right to make a claim of their own.

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no one owns Antarctica

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No country owns any part of Antarctica.

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No one, no nation owns any 'rights' to Antarctica. The Antarctic Treaty governs planet earth south of 60 degrees South Latitude.

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Mawson is owned by Australia.

Australia (42%)Another AnswerNo country owns any of Antarctica. Many countries including Australia make claim to Antarctic terrority, however.

The Antarctica Treaty, signed by 50 countries, says no country owns it.

none, numerous countries have a claim on the area, but none of them have actually inhabited it............ they only research on Antarctica

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Antarctica is owned in sections by various countries, being the UK, New Zealand, France, Norway [owns two territories], Australia, Chile, and Argentina. Nazi Germany also owns a slice of Antarctica, although only Germany recognises this territory [funnily enough]

Norway owns queen Maud Land in Antarctica. It has an area of about 2.7 million square km2 which makes up about 19.3% of the area of Antarctica.

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