Who owns Wesson?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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ConAgra owns Wesson

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Q: Who owns Wesson?
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Who owns smith and Wesson firearms?

SAF-T Hammer Coporation

Who owns smith and Wesson fireams?

Smith and Wesson was sold to the firm Saf-T-Hammer,a Arirzona based safety and security company in 2001.

Who owns Thompson center arms?

Thompson Center is currently owned by Smith and Wesson holding corp.

Who owns Serial number c1445521 smith and Wesson 357 magnum?

Unless the owner sees your question, you will likely never find out.

Who owns the pistol that was used in the Dirty Harry movies?

It was a Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum "The most powerful handgun in the world" according to Harry.

Who is Frank Wesson?

The Wesson part of Smith and Wesson.

What is the birth name of Eileen Wesson?

Eileen Wesson's birth name is Eileen Winifred Wesson.

What is the birth name of Mel Wesson?

Mel Wesson's birth name is Melvyn Thomas Wesson.

What is the birth name of Alphonzo Wesson?

Alphonzo Wesson's birth name is Alphonzo J. Wesson III.

What is a Smith and Wesson shotgun?

A shotgun made for Smith and Wesson, sold under the Smith and Wesson name.

What is the maker of Wesson firearms b003879?

Dan Wesson

How tall is Thomas Wesson?

Thomas Wesson is 6'.