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The doctor and the patient.

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Q: Who owns a patient's medical records?
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Who owns a patients records?

The doctor and the patient.

Medical Records Clerk responsibilities?

A medical records clerk is responsible for the patients records or information regarding their cases. they store & filed the the records of the patients. They answers the inquiry of the patients.

Who owns medical records?

Legally, medical records are owned by the employer of the doctor who compiles them.

Who is the doctor that keeps the medical records?

Every doctor maintains his or her patients' medical records.

Who owns patient medical records?

The doctor and the patient.

Who owns the information contained within medical records?

The patient owns the information; the doctor owns the media or paper.

How long medical records kept in california?

Medical records are kept for ever no matter what happens to the patients since is a legal document.

How long are medical records kept in California?

Medical records are kept for ever no matter what happens to the patients since is a legal document.

Can medical records stay in the patient room?

It is possible for the medical records to stay in the room with the patients. They used to take the patients clipboards and medical records on the outside of the door, but now they do not do so. It is has actually been discontinued a long time ago due to security reasons. People would take medical records of the patients in a room and dress up as a doctor and create fake badges and be impersonated as a doctor. So, no, they cannot keep the medical records in a room with a patient.

Which of the following could be potentially hazardous to the patients medical treatment?

illegible records

-what type of application can be used s to store patients medical records?

a Database

What are two types of patients records?

The two major types of patient records include the paper-based medical record and the computer-based medical record.