Who owns sunoco oil co?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Sunoco is owned by Sunoco. Used to be known as Sun Oil Company. They are located in Philadelphia. Founded in 1886 I believe

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Q: Who owns sunoco oil co?
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What company owns Sunoco?

Sunoco is an oil and petrochemical company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was formerly known by Sun Company Inc. & Sun Oil Co. It is a part of the Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. family of companies.

Who owns or where does the oil come from for the following gas stations BP Phillips Sunoco Conoco Sinclair and Hess?


Who owns petro oil?

Petro-Canada is owned by Suncor Energy - you may recognize that name as their gas stations used to be Sunoco before they were all switched.

Who owns sunoco?

Suncor Energy Products Inc. is the company that markets transportation fuels and convenience products under the Ontario brand name Sunoco. Suncor Energy also owns Petro-Canada as it bought it out.

Where does sunoco gets its oil from?

Probably from Lybia, I could ask my dad, he works at Sunoco Refinery.

How much oil does Sunoco by for overseas?


The Louisiana Land Oil And Gas Co who owns the company?


Which company owns orbmark?

NOP, Nippon Oil Pump Co., Ltd.

Who owns or where does the oil come from for the following gas stations BP Phillips Sunoco cheveron exon Fred Meyer 76 arco? This article is just plain WRONG.

Who makes Harley Davidson oil?

Sunoco, makes Harley Davidson engine oil

Who makes Harley Davidson motor oil?

As per info found in the XL Forum, Sunoco makes HD OIL might want to recheck your findings . im pretty sure citgo makes harley oil . sunoco made it years ago . not anymore .

Which gas stations have a Qualifying Merchant Category Code?

walmart(murphy oil), shell, sunoco