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Q: Who owns the Hershey company NOW?
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Who owns Hershey Chocola?

The Hershey Company.

What company owns Hershey chocolates?

Hershey is the main producing company.

What country owns hershey co?

If you are referring to The Hershey Company, it is a publicly traded company in the United States.

Who owns the Hershey's business?

Milton Snavely Hershey owns the company i believe I don't think so he died in 1945

Who owns Hershey Chocolate now?

The many stockholders of the Hershey Company. No one person owns Hershey. It is a corporation, therefore different shareholders own parts of it. There is a CEO and Board of Directors, but they are only responsible for making decisions that keep the everything running and profitable.

Who owns kisses?

I think Hershey Chocolate Company. I've heard it be called "Hershey Kisses" a lot.

How much does Hershey worth?

The market capitalization of Hershey Company is about 21 billion dollars. That does not include all of the property they company owns and manages.

Does Hershey own Mars and M and m company?

no it doesn't mars owns m and m. Mars and Hershey don't have any connection between them

Where did a Jolly Rancher come from?

Happy Valley!-But SERIOUSLY, folks: The company originated in 1949 in Golden, Colorado. Now the Hershey Company owns it.See the related link(s) below for more information:

Who owns hersheys candy company?

Hershey's confectionery is a Public Limited Company. It's current President and CEO is Michele Buck

Which company now owns IBM's computer division?

LeNovo, a Chinese company, now owns IBM's former PC business.

What other companies are owned by Hershey?

hershey owns hershey, and all chocolate places...

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