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it was the govanor of Spain

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it was the govanor of Spain

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Q: Who paid for Francisco Pizarros expedition?
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Who paid for francisco pizarro's trip?

Who paid for Francisco Pizarros trips. Why is Francisco Pizarro famous. He's from Spain.

What was Francisco Pizarros route?

No, San Francisco did not get named after Francisco Pizarro.

What is the of francisco Pizarros ship?

The Piloto Mayor.

When did Francisco Pizarros journey end?


Why were Francisco Pizarros exploration important?


What country funded Francisco Pizarros expedition?

Spain did ♠ he also went on more expeditions to find gold back then it was very common for explorers to find gols

What is Francisco Pizarros sponsor?

King Francis 1

What ws the name of Francisco Pizarros ships?

the piloto mayor

What is Pizarros full name?

The 16th century Spanish explorer's name was Francisco Pizarro.

What was Francisco Pizarros son's name?

Francisco Pizarro's son's were named was Francisca Pizarro Yupanqui and Juan. The mother of his children was Cuxirimay Ocllo Yupanqui.

Who paid for prince henrys expedition?

portugal paid for his expedition

Who paid for John Cabot's expedition?

Several wealthy merchants of Bristol, England, paid for John Cabot's first expedition.