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Who paid for the aswan dam?

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Partly Russia and partly America

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What type of dam is the aswan dam?

The Aswan dam is an embankment dam.

When was aswan dam built?

The Aswan High Dam, commonly referred to as just the Aswan Dam, was built between the years of 1960 and 1970. The Aswan Low Dam, or Old Aswan Dam, was completed in 1902.

The Aswan Dam is on what river?

Aswan Dam is on river Nile

When was Aswan Dam created?

Aswan Dam was created in 1970.

What is a dam on the Nile River in Egypt?

The Aswan High Dam and the Aswan Low Dam.

When was th aswan dam built?

The Aswan Dam was built in 1968 and they finished the Dam in 1970.

What are the concerns and benefits of Aswan Dam?

Benefits of the Aswan dam is it has had a positive effect on population growing. Concerns of the Aswan dam was forced to be relocated.

What are some famous dams?

Aswan high dam, Aswan low dam, itaipu dam, grand coulee dam.

Where was aswan dam built?

there are two dams at Aswan the first is Aswan dam which built at the first cataract at Aswan city, the second is the High dam built south of the first one

How old is the high Aswan dam?

The Aswan High Dam was completed in 1970.

Why did they build the Aswan Dam?

they built the aswan dam to get water for cooking and drinking

How has the Aswan Dam helped Egypt?

How has the Aswan Dam helped and hurt Egypt

Is the Aswan Dam still standing?

Yes, the Aswan Dam is still standing.

When was Aswan Low Dam created?

Aswan Low Dam was created in 1902.

How has the aswan dam been harmful to people?

because Aswan Dam doesn't Like the Bad people because Aswan Dam likes The Good People

Aswan Dam is located in?

aswan dam is constructed over the river nile in Egypt

The Aswan High Dam is located on the?

The Aswan high dam is located on the Nile river

What happened to the last rapids of the Nile River?

Two dams were built at that point - the newer Aswan High Dam and the older Aswan Dam or Aswan Low Dam.

What are the dams on the river Nile?

The major dams are Roseires Dam, Sennar Dam, Aswan High Dam, Aswan Low Dam and Owen Falls Dam.

Why did they name the aswan high dam the aswan high dam?

The Aswan High dam is so named because it is located at Aswan, Egypt, and it is designed to be able to manage the high flood stages of the Nile River.

Who built the aswan dam?

Jason Akhlabalkinoy built the Aswan dam in Egypt in 1960 and 1970

What is the distance between Luxor and the Aswan Dam?

There are about 120.255 miles between Luxor and Aswan Dam.

When was the aswan dam built?

The Aswan dam was built in 1970 Actually, the Aswan dam was built in 1968, and they finished in 1970. In actual life, it was built in 1960 and finished in 1970

Facts about the Aswan dam?

The Aswan Dam was built in 1968 and they finished in 1970. The Aswan Dam was built to prevent rivers flooding, generate electricity and provide water for agriculture.

Is the Aswan Dam the biggest dam in the world?


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