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Q: Who paid higher taxes the 1st or 3rd estate?
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Who paid more taxes third estate or 1st estate?

No, they did not. They were exempted from paying taxes. Only the 3rd estate (the bourgeoisie) had to pay taxes.

What was the thrid estate?

The third estate was the backbone for the country. Basically, they starved while the 1st, & 2nd estate were wrench in wine, food, as well as money because all taxes were mostly paid by the 3rd estate considereding that had the most people.:(

Clergy and nobles did not pay these?

Taxes. During the old regime the Clergy (1st estate) and the Nobility (2nd estate) did not have to pay taxes, meaning the bourgeoisie (3rd estate) had to pay all the taxes.

What were the first and second estate voting for?

Well... First Estate: Church Officails Second Estate: Nobles Third Estate: Everyone else (From peasants to even wealthy merchants) Each got one vote in the government You need to reference more info to exactly get the right answer but since taxs were such a problem i will answer the question to that..... Basically the 1st estate paid no taxes and the 2nd estate 2% if they paid at all while the 3rd estate with the church paid over 50%....The first 2 estates voted to keep it that way and always won because they always had 2 out of 3

What where the three estates during the french revolution?

the 3 estates during the French Revolution were; members of the clergy made up the 1st estate, nobles the 2nd estate, and the rest of the people the 3rd estate. the 3rd estate included the working people of the cities and a large and prosperous middle class made up chiefly of merchants, lawyers, and government officials.

Who were supporters of the french revolution?

Basically the 3rd state were supporters of the french revolution, they made up 98% of the population. The 1st and 2nd estate were the King and clergy. They all lived luxury lifestyles and didn't pay taxes. They didn't try to help the 3rd estate who were in so much debt of paying taxes. When they were making decisions, the 1st and 2nd estate always outvoted the third estate. As a result, taxes were increased! This is why the 3rd estate wanted to become a republic, where decisions of the 3rd estate would stand out more and they could have more of a say in various issues like taxes.

Why did the french revolution happen and what was the result?

The French Revolution was the most violent rebellion in history that began in 1789. The success of the American Revolution led the French to rebel in the hopes of a new government. It was during the time when Louis the XVIII and Marie Antoinette were in power. They were both incompetent and were unable to rule and fix the dire economic issues.

Who did the nobles belong to which estate?

1st estate

Who made up the 1st 2nd 3rd estates?

1st Estate: the aristocracy2nd Estate: the church3rd Estate: everyone else

What advice did jaques necker give the king?

Jacques Necker was Louis XVI's finance minister and urged him to collect taxes from the 1st and 2nd estate (clergy and nobles).

How was french society divided hierarchically in the old regime?

the french society in the old regime was divided into three they were the ; *clergy as first estate *nobles as second estate *commoners as third estate

How was the french society in the 18th century?

the french society was divided into 3 parts the 1st 2nd and 3rd estate .the first and the second estates didn't had to pay taxes the third had to.................