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I have no clue

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Q: What does the 1st admenment mean?
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What is the purpose of the 13th admenment?

it was to abolish slavery

Where does the constitution treat Indian tribes as independent nations?

In admenment 14

What is the 27 admenment?

the 27th amendment eliminates the amendment that prohibits alcohol.

What amendment Says Americans can practice any or no religion?

the 25th admenment

Do the voter of each state vote to add an admenment to the United state constitution?

No. congress does the voting.

Does not have to testsify is what admendment?

pleading the 5th admenment. cannot be made to give evidence that may incriminate one's self.

How can an admendment be added to the constitution?

The admenment must be approved by two thirds of congress and then ratified by at least three quaters of the states

What amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures of property?

The fourth amendment deal with search and seizure

How did the eighth admenment protect people found guilty of crime?

if you are found innocent then you cant be tried for the same crime again

What branch of the federal government is able to propose an admenment?

2/3 of congress (made up of the house of representatives and the senate) proposes an amendment

What is mean 1st 5 natural numbers?

Their mean is 3.

What does primary mean in maths terms?