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Q: Who paid most of the taxes after Louis XVI and financial reforms?
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How did the stamp affect the colonists?

It had a financial affect on the colonists. Most colonists couldn't afford to pay the taxes.

Why was King Louis XVI important to France?

Louis XVI became king of France in 1774. On his accession, France was poverty-stricken and burdened with debts, and heavy taxation had resulted in widespread misery among the French people. Immediately after he was crowned,Louis remitted some of the most oppressive taxes and instituted financial and judicial reforms.

How did King Louis XIV make a living?

Kings live off revenue (that is, taxes); they do not 'make a living'. Louis XIV was no different, except that he was probably one of the most extravangant kings ever.

Do you pay taxes on financial aid?

No, you do not pay income taxes on student loans because they are debt. You do however need to look into Grants as the laws are different for free money. You do not pay taxes on a LOAN, because it has to be paid back, so it is not income.

What was Hammurabi's most famous reforms?

the Code of Hammurabi

What are the political achievements of Louis sixteenth?

Louis XVI's major political achievements include supporting the American Revolution against Britain, issuing the Edict of Tolerance (1787) granting more religious freedom to Protestants in France, convening the Estates-General in 1789 to address the country's financial crisis, and ultimately granting civil rights to Jews in 1791.

In most states these are not exempt from taxes?

In most states, businesses are not exempt from taxes.

Which group did the economic reforms in china benefit most?

China's economic reforms greatly increased the economic role of the banking system.

How would you resolve the problem of over taxation and the abuse of french government during the rein of Louis the xiv?

the efforts of the regime in 1787 to increases taxes levied on the privatised classes even under Louis xiv the most absolute of french kings.

What kind of company is Munger Tolles?

Munger Tolles is a company which provide lawyers to people on a one on one basis they can help you with most financial problems such as Bankruptcy, Real estate and taxes.

What movements was most focused on political reforms?

The Peoples Charter

What were the three of the most important social reforms that followed the industrial revolution?

Three of the most important social reforms that followed the industrial revolution were the abolition of slavery, women's rights , and capitalism.