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a revenue bill is passed by the president

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What are revenue bills?

Bills that raise revenue

Which chamber passes revenue bills?

The U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 7, Clause 1 states, "All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other Bills."

Who originates revenue bills?

The House of Representatives is the one that originated the revenue bills. The Senate may agree or propose the revenue bills.

Who introduces revenue bills into Congress?

The House of Representatives introduces revenue bills.

Who starts revenue bills?

Revenue bills must start in the House of Representatives (not the Senate).

What are bills concerning money called?

Revenue bills. They concern both revenue (taxes) and expenditures (appropriations).

What is the name for elected body with power to pass laws and control finances?

House is where all bills of revenue start, but congress passes the laws and the budget.

Are revenue bills tax bills for raising money?


What are the bills for raising money for the federal government called?

Revenue Bills or Tax Bills

What bills are proposed to raise money?

The bills proposed to raise money for the federal government are called revenue bills. Revenue bills must pass through both houses, but originate in the House of Representatives.

What branch of congress is responsible for raising revenue?

Bills of revenue start in the House.

What are the duties of the Canadian Senate?

The Senate of Canada reviews legislation passed by the elected House of Commons, and passes, rejects, or suggests amendments to those bills. The Senate can also propose its own bills, provided that these do not appropriate revenue (as money bills are the exclusive right of the House of Commons).

Money bills or bills for raising revenue must start in the?

House of Rep.

What type of bills do the senate not introduce?

The bills of revenue don't start in the senate.

Where do revenue bills originate?

U.S. consitution

Where do all revenue bills originate?


Who initiate revenue bills?

The house of representatives

Who writes tax revenue bills?

The tax revenue bills will be written by the House of Representatives. However, the Congress has to amend the bill to fit the needs of the country.

What bills must begin in the house?

Revenue Bills must begin in the House of Representatives.

Which branch passes bills?


Who passes bills of attainder?


Who passes bills?

House of representatives

Who creates revenue bills?

The United States Constitution requires that federal revenue bills be created by the House of Representatives. This is laid out in Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution.

Where must all revenue bills begin?

The House.

Who starts all revenue bills?

the House of Representatives