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Public defenders in Ohio are paid by the state and local government. In counties with a state public defender, they are paid directly by the state Office of the Public Defender. In counties with a county public defender or appointed counsel, they are paid by the county which is then reimbursed by the state office.

However, the defendant may have to pay some of the cost. There is a $25 application fee, which is paid to the court but may be waived by the court if the defendant has no money at all. There is also a "contribution" fee that is based on what you can afford according to the financial information you submit with your application; this is paid directly to the public defender's office.

The details are explained in the related links below. On the state Office of the Public Defender page, see the menu items for Reimbursement and OPD Resources at the top of the page. The sections of the Ohio Revised Code are the legal basis, and you can scroll to "Prev" and "Next" sections of the Code to see more of the law. The Ohio Courts Guide link is where I found the other links, and it has an additional to link to the Erie County Public Defender's Office if you want a local example.

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Q: Who payes the public defender in Ohio?
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To get a public defender or court-appointed attorney in a criminal case in Ohio, the defendant must be unable to afford to hire an attorney, must request that one be appointed for him, and must submit a financial affidavit showing that he or she can't afford to hire an attorney. A defendant is entitled to a public defender or court-appointed attorney only if facing a charge that could result in loss of liberty (i.e., jail or prison). Note that this question was originally placed in the "Civil Lawsuits" category; that was incorrect, as public defenders may only be used in criminal cases. Anyone seeking free or low-cost legal services in a civil case must look for "legal aid" or "legal services" attorneys. The first related link below is just an example, from Crawford County, of the steps involved in requesting a court-appointed attorney. The second related link is the state Public Defender's office. The third related link is where I found the first two, and where you can find links to other local public defender resources.

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