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The funeral expenses should be paid for out of an individual's estate before anything is paid to beneficiaries. This is usual language in wills and trusts. This must be paid for when services are rendered. However if a person is still living they can prearrange their planning with a licensed funeral director prior to this event. Usually if the individual is deceased the Executor and or Trustee will take care of this.

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Q: Who pays a funeral home for expenses and when do you pay for it?
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Should the husband or the children pay for funeral expenses of a wife and mother?

the estate of the deceased pays for the funeral. what is left after expences is what is inheireted.

Collecting Funeral expenses?

You can pay funeral expenses out of an estate. You are allowed to be reimbursed for these expenses when the estate is being settled.

Will your health insurnace pay for funeral?

No. Life Insurance will provide for funeral expenses - and some life policies are specifically for funeral expenses.

If I am power of attorney can I prepay for funeral expenses for my father?

Yes I have done this for my Parents and your can get with the Funeral Home and Cemetary and Pay for everything even the opening and closing of the grave

Does your life insurance pay your cremation expenses?

It pays your loved ones, and your loved ones pay your cremation expenses.

Is it true that the US Government would not pay funeral expenses for General Geogre Patton?

It is true that the US Government would not pay funeral expenses for General Geogre Patton

Does blue shield pay hospital expenses?

Blue Sheild pays a portion of hospital expenses.

is there federal aid for low income people for funeral and burial expenses?

is ther federal aid for low income people to pay for funeral and burial expenses?

When you have life insurance does the insurance company pay for the funeral expenses?

Some life insurance companies will cover funeral expenses, but you need to double-check with your company policy just to make sure. The best way to be sure is to purchase funeral insurance. Additionally, there are some governmental organizations that will assist with burial insurance, including Social Security and the Veteran's Administration. The AARP also has some plans to help cover any funeral expenses.

Is the estate of the deceased responsible for funeral expenses in NY State?

Yes, funeral expenses are a valid debt to the estate. The estate has to pay off the debts including funeral expenses. If the estate cannot do so, they distribute as best they can. If the court approves the distribution, the debts are ended.

What expenses are considered Guardianship Expenses?

can any bills/expences - hospital-funeral-livingcenters come back on the Guardin to have to pay.

If the deceased person had insurance who pays for funeral?

actually i think whoever they gave the the money to when they died that's who pays for the funeral but if they didnt give the money to any one they pay for it from the insurance