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Who pays for your stolen vehicle?


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If you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, that is the coverage that will pay for your stolen vehicle.


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is this vehicle stolen?

It does not show as a stolen vehicle.

You either have to return the money or not keep the vehicle. You don't get the benefit of both the value of the car in cash and the actual car.

Gap insurance only pays if the vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and not recovered. It does not cover the deficiency balance after a repossession sale.

Major benefit of stolen vehicle tracking is being able to identify and locate any stolen vehicle using GPS tracking. Also cars with stolen vehicle tracking can be subject to reduced insurance premiums.

If you have a stolen template on your vehicle then the car is not legal to be on the road. Call the motor vehicle office to have the problem resolved.

You or your insurance company. The owner of the stolen vehicle would not be responsible because their vehicle was stolen and the driver of the stolen vehicle's insurance would not cover it because he was driving a vehicle that was not on his policy and he did not have permission to drive.

With motor vehicle theft topping the charts as the #1 property crime in the U.S., LoJack fills a clear market need for an effective stolen vehicle recovery solution. The LoJackå¨ Stolen Vehicle Recovery System provides car owners with peace of mind knowing that if their vehicle is stolen, they have the best chance of getting it back.

If you have found your stolen vehicle at a salvage yard, you need to call the police immediately. Automobile theft and receiving stolen goods are both criminal offenses.

In most cases, these investigations open when the owner of the vehicle reports it as stolen.

I believe a code 2 vehicle is a vehicle that has been stolen and recovered or a used vehicle.

You cant report car stolen after being repoed, because the police have on file the vehicle as a repo. Once the vehicle is picked up it is reported so the authorities don't go out looking for a vehicle that hasn't been stolen.

I am sure that it depends in what state you live, but in Oregon it is always the person that hit you, who insurance would pay. i.e. vehicle one, pays vehicle two.... and vehicle two pays vehicle three.

If you have theft insurance with your policy, yes. It should not matter where your vehicle was stolen.

If it is really stolen by someone and not simply in possession of the lendee. The owner of the vehicle is the only one who can report a vehicle stolen, not the lender. But if the car is taken to the tow companys and yard and is now "missing" then the tow company can report the missing car since they had it in their possession. The first place the police will come to though is your house. The police will not come to your house it is a civil matter.The tow company cannot report the vehicle stolen it is not their vehicle to report stolen.

A campus would not be liable if a vehicle is stolen so they do not have coverage for this.

No.Another View: The police may retain any items found in the car pending proof that they actually are your property.REMEMBER: The car was reported stolen... and then it was recovered and impounded. The perpetrators MAY have used the vehicle during a crime spree and stashed their stolen goods in the car. The owner of the stolen vehicle would not be the beneficiary of the stolen goods just because they were in his vehicle. and they may have to present proof that the items found in the car actually belong to them.

It is also known as 'Receiving Stolen Property.' The value of the vehicle may determine if the charge is made as a miosdemeanor or a felony. If the vehicle crossed state lines go get there, the Feds are also involved.

He will report it as a stolen vehicle.

You can't just cancel a claim. It is basically up to the Insurance co. to either aprove a claim or deny it. However, it the vehicle was stolen, it is your resposibility to provide a police report proving that the vehicle was indeed stolen.

You call you local non-emergency number. Police if you live in the city limits, County Sherrif if you live in a rural area. The Dispatcher will direct your call, Just say " I want to report a stolen vehicle. Repos are NOT stolen.

If you are found in a missing or stolen vehicle, regardless of your reason for being in it, you will almost certainly be charged with a criminal offense. Grand Theft Auto would be the most severe, but Unauthorized Use or Tampering of a Motor Vehicle would be more likely. To get out of it you'll have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you had no idea that the vehicle stolen, and that you had a legitimate reason to be in it.

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