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Without a doubt the auto insurance. Homeowner's insurance never covers a private passenger automobile, ever! But read your auto policy. Bet it says damage caused to one family vehicle by another is NOT covered. In other words, YOU PAY!

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โˆ™ 2005-09-21 04:11:06
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Q: Who pays if you hit your husbands car in your driveway Home owners or auto insurance?
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Is your RV covered by your home owners in your driveway?

No, Homeowners Insurance does not provide coverage for motor vehicles.

Is a driveway covered under home owners insurance?

yes under coverage B - other structures

Does home owners ins cover car tires slashed in driveway?

Homeowners insurance does not cover automobile nor there parts.

Is Auto Owners Insurance Company a parent company of Utica Mutual Insurance Group?

No. Auto-Owners is the parent company of Owners Insurance, Southern-Owners Insurance, Property Owners Insurance, Home-Owners Insurance, Auto-Owners Life Insurance. They have no affliation with Utica

What is home owners insurance?

Uhmm,, Let me Guess? Is it Insurance that covers an owners HOME perhaps?

Is content insurance just like home owners insurance?

Content insurance differs from home owners insurance in the type of polocies offered. While home insurance concentrates on the actual home structure, content insurance concentrates on personal possesions within the home.

Can a Home owners association require home owners to purchase liability insurance other than homeowners insurance?


Difference between h03 and h05 home owners insurance?

Difference between h03 and h05 home owners insurance?

Does home owners insurance cover lost jewelry?

Only if you had your jewelry appraised and included it onto your home owners insurance

What types of insurance does 21st Auto Insurance offer?

The types of insurance offered by 21st Auto Insurance are: Home Owners insurance, renters insurance, manufactured/mobile home insurance, speciality home-owners insurance, flood insurance, antique auto insurance, to name a few.

Does Allstate insurance offer home owners insurance?

Yes, Allstate does offer home owners insurance. Use their online agent locator with your ZIP or postal code to find the closest home insurance agent near you.

Does home owners insurance cover generators?

Your homeowners insurance covers your home structure.

Can a Home Owners Association stop you from parking your trailer on your own driveway?

Read your governing documents to determine what you can park in your driveway. There is no standard.

Does sentry offer home owners insurance?

Sentry insurance offers a range of policies to cover your home and business's insurance needs. They do provide home owners insurance, as well as options for people who own condominiums and those who rent their apartment or home.

Are there any disadvantages in obtaining very cheap home owners insurance?

There are many disadvantages in obtaining very cheap home owners insurance. The main disadvantage to obtaining very cheap home owners insurance is that it may not be reliable due to the price.

When purchasing a new home can you get your own homeowners insurance?

Yes, In fact you are required to get your own home insurance when you buy a home. You can not inherit the previous owners insurance policy. The previous owners insurance is null and void the moment they sell the home.

How do you find out who your home owners insurance is with?

If it is your home, just look at your insurance policy. It will always tell you the name of your insurance company.

Does home owners insurance cover murder?


Does your home owners insurance cover your foundation?


Do you have to have home insurance in Colorado?

Home insurance is not required by any state law. Typically only a mortgage company will require home owners insurance.

Will home owners insurance pay for a tv accidentally busted by four year old granddaughter?

Your own home owners insurance most likely will not... probably an exclusion for damage to your own property from an accident of that nature. If the home your grand daughter lives in has renters or home owners insurance, then that policy will probably cover it.

Where can one go to get comparisons on home owners insurance rates?

RBC insurance, provides homeowner with insurance rates that are reliable and accurate. They help home owners get the best insurance by helping them compare rates of homes with other homes.

Where can one find information on home owners insurance rates?

You can find information on home owners insurance rates online at the websites of insurance providers. You can request a quote from providers such as Statefarm and Geico from their websites.

How do you get homeowners insurance?

Home owners insurance is insurance for home owners. Safe Co, Farmers, and Liberty Mutual are companies that offer home owneres insurance. You can view the average costs or get a quote personally by entering your information. You won't be able to a price previews otherwise.

Does home owners insurance cover car running over animal?

No, Your Homeowners Insurance covers your Home. Your car Insurance covers you vehicle.