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Who performs an operational audit?

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internal auditors perform an operational audit as part of their assurance services they render to oganisations.

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Types of operational audit?

types of operational audit?

What is the difference between an operational audit and a performance audit for an internal audit department?

operational audit means auditing how the operations of a work are going right or not but performance audit means auditing how the performance of a particular work is going right or not

What is asserted in an operational audit?

In an operational audit, the management of an organization asserts that the operations of the organization are being conducted in accordance with management's established policies and procedures.

What is operational audit?

Process to determine ways to improve production. Contrast with external-audit, which relates to financial statements.Operational audit focuses on managerial effectiveness rather than accuracy of financial reports.

Internal audit and external audit?

An Internal Audit department generally focuses on operational and compliance risks within an organization while an external audit focuses on the accuracy of the financial information presented.

What is the difference between internal audit and interim audit?

Internal audit is the name of department who performs the audit while interim audit is the audit which other than statutary audit and it is perform during the fiscal year and it is performed to help the final audit procedures which is done after the completion of fiscal year.

Example of operational audit?

purchase, marketing, selling and distribution expenses, production

Can one get an independent audit of the general liability policy at no charge?

Yes, you can. Our company performs just such an audit and we are only paid if we obtain a refund. Our site is

The primary governing board that performs quality reviews on registered CPA firms that audit public companies is the?


What is the difference between amplifier and operational amplifier?

An ordinary amplifier is the one which amplifies the input signal alone.. but an Operational amplifier performs the functions of summing, inverting, differentiation, integrating, division, multiplication etc..of the input signal..

How do you manage the internal auditing department?

The MetricStream's Internal Audit Management solution is a comprehensive application designed to help companies manage a wide range of audit-related programs, data and processes. It provides flexibility to support all types of audits - internal audits, operational audits, IT audits, supplier audits and quality audits. The solution provides end-to-end functionality for managing the complete audit lifecycle including risk assessment, audit planning and scheduling, development of standard audit plans and checklists, field data collection, development of audit reports and recommendations, review of audit recommendations by auditees and management and implementation of audit recommendations and remediation.

What are the differences and similarities in audits of financial statement compliance audits operational audits?

OPERATIONAL AUDIT. An operational audit is a systematic review and evaluation of an organizational unit to determine whether it is functioning effectively and efficiently, whether it is accomplishing established objectives and goals, and whether it is using all of its resources appropriately. Resources in this context include funds, personnel, property, equipment, materials, information, space, and whatever else may be used by that unit. Operational audits can include evaluations of the work flow and proprietyof performance measurements. These audits are tailored to fit the nature of the operations being reviewed. "Carefully done, operational auditing is a cost-effective way of getting a higher return from the audit function by making it helpful to operating management.COMPLIANCE AUDIT. A compliance audit determines whether the organizational unit or function is following particular rules or directives. Such rules or directives can originate internally or externally and can include one or more of the following: organizational policies; performance plans; established procedures; required authorizations; applicable external regulations; relevant contractualprovisions; and federal, state, and local lawsFINANCIAL AUDIT. A financial audit is an examination of the financial planning and reporting process, the conduct of financial operations, the reliability and integrity of financial records, and the preparation of financial statements. Such a review includes an appraisal of the system of internal controls related to financial function.

Differences between IS Audit nad Traditional Audit?

what is the differences between IS Audit and traditional Audit?

3 general types of quality audits?

3rd Party Audit - Independent Audit 2nd Party Audit- Customer Audit 1st Party Audit- Internal Audit

How does an audit manager write up a letter to the audit partner?

How do I write a audit letter about concerns on an audit

What is the Difference between HR audit And Financial Audit?

Under HR Audit, audit of HR procedures and process is done while in financial audit, audit of finance related matters are done.

Differences between audit plan and audit program?

difference between audit program audit & note book

What is the difference between Financial Audit and Cost Audit Describe each of them?

between financial audit and cost audit

Difference between audit plan and audit program?

an audit program may contain several audit plans

What is the process of preparing an audit?

The process of preparation for audit depends on the kind of audit to be performed, it's objective and scope. The scope of the audit is key to the planning process. The planning required or statutory audit is different from internal audit; it also differs from forensic audit?

How would you save against disadvantages of continuous Audit Compare between Continuous Audit and Periodical Audit?

How would you save against disadvantages of continuous Audit Compare between Continuous Audit and Periodical Audit?

What is audit committee?

Audit Committe enhance communication between Internal Audit, External Audit and CFO. Audit Committe assist directors to avoid litigatio risk.

Difference between Interim Audit and internal audit?

difference between internal audit and interim audit

Types of audit report in internal audit?

types of internal audit report

What are the types of audit?

financial Audit