Who performs the push the limit song in the Toyota commercial?


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Sounds like Ratt to me but cant find the song anywher

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Corbin Bleu sings "Push It to the Limit."

if its the corbin blue song its really called push it to the limit or push it

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Push it to the Limit by Rick Ross.

I just want to know.. I think it's push it.. salt n' peppa? yeah push it. Anyone have a clip of that commercial? its hilarious

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you will probably not ever meet Corbin unless you become famous. i would not count on that either. by the way do you know what Corbin says when he is on the toilet. he says I got to push it push it to the limit limit cause I'm in it to win it win it oh yeah PUSH IT.

There should be a lock on the ignition a push button that you push and turn to remove the key

Salt n Pepa came out with the song Push it (the song in the commercial) in 1986.

Corbin Bleu lip syncs in... push it to the limit and deal with it.

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