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Any qualified electrical person can perform a Shock Hazard Analysis.

A qualified person is a person who has a knowledge of electrical hazards associated with working with electrical equipment. A qualified person is also aware of the limitations of PPE and can relate the hazards to the type of work performed. He is trained to recognize the hazard and ways of avoiding the hazard. For a person to be deemed qualified he must have training in the construction and operation of the equipment. A qualified person must be trained in the use of PPE in a dry run to make him familiar. An apprentice under direct supervision of a qualified person is also considered to be a qualified person.

while this process is a mental exercise verses a check list or form that needs to be filled out ,the key features are avoiding all grounded objects in the vicinity of any voltage source which is how most personnel are injured and avoiding phase to phase voltage exposure

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Electrical engineers or safety professionals typically perform shock hazard analysis assessments to evaluate the potential risks of electric shock in a given system or environment. These assessments involve analyzing electrical circuits, grounding systems, protective devices, and insulation levels to ensure safety standards are met and proper precautions are in place.

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Q: Who performs the shock hazard analysis assessment?
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