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Who played Annie in the original Annie?

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The original movie "Annie" was Aileen Quinn.

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Who played the role of Molly in the original Broadway production of 'Annie'?

Daniellie Brisboir

Who played Annie in the original movie?

Aileen Quinn

Who played daddy warbucks in the original Annie?

Reid Shelton

When was Annie made?

The original Annie was made in 1982

Who originally starred in Annie?

Annie Batungbakal is the original star

Is Annie from the movie Halloween dead?

The character Annie died in the original Halloween (1978) movie. The actress who played her, Nancy Kyes (Nancy Loomis, at the time) is still living.

Annie Original Broadway Cast Recording where can I get the instrumental to Annie The original movie soundtrack Tomorrow?

You can find a little bit on youtube.

Did Annie the original movie ever find her parents?

No. In the original movie, Annie discovers the identity of her parents, but finds that they died when she was a baby.

What Sex And The City Star played Annie?

In 1979 Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie on "Sex and the City") was the third to play Annie in the original run of the Broadway show (which opened in 1977).

Who Played Annie and Halie From the Parent Trap?

Lindsay Lohan played both twins in the remake of The Parent Trap. Hayley Mills played the twins in the original.

When was the original movie Annie made?

The film "Annie" with Carol Burnett was filmed in 1982

How old was Aileen Quinn when she played Annie?

Aileen Quinn was 10 years old when she played Annie. She was born 1971 and she played Annie in 1981.

Who played Annie in the Musical Annie?

Aileen Quinn played Annie in the 1982 movie Musical of Annie while Alicia Morton did in 1999. there have been many girls that have played Annie on Broadway and touring, but the first one was Andrea McArdle

Who played the first Annie?

The original Broadway production opened at the Alvin Theatre on April 21, 1977 and starred Andrea McArdle.

Who played Grace in the movie 'Annie'?

Grace is not a character in Annie! Sorry to tell you!

Who played kate in Annie the musical?

April Lerman played Kate in one of the movies of Annie.

Who was the Original landlady of the rover's return?

Annie Walker

Who sang the song Maybe from Broadway musical Annie?

The character Annie sings the song, but if you are talking about the actual person, it was Andrea McArdle, the original Annie.

What movie and television projects has Stacey Linnartz been in?

Stacey Linnartz has: Played Annie in "First World Problem" in 2011. Played Annie Preston in "Post-Apocalyptic Feminist Iconography" in 2012. Played Annie Preston in "Life Meal" in 2012. Played Annie in "My Benefit" in 2012. Played Annie Preston in "The Last 48" in 2012. Played Charlotte in "The Weekend" in 2013. Played Dr. Rasmussen in "12 Months of June" in 2014.

Who were the original stars of the musicial Oklahoma?

In the original production of Oklahoma... Curley was played by Alfred Drake. Laurey was played by Joan Roberts. Ali Hakim was played by Joseph Buloff. Jud Fry was played by Howard Da Silva. Will Parker was played by Lee Dixon. Aunt Eller was played Betty Garde. Ado Annie Carnes was played by Celeste Holm.

Did Sarah Jessica Parker play Annie on Broadway?

Yes, she played Annie

Who were the original cast members of the Broadway play Annie?

The original Broadway cast of Annie were:Andrea McArdle as AnnieReid Shelton as Daddy WarbucksDorothy Loudon as Miss HanniganSandy Faison as Grace Farrell The Broadway production of Annie went on to win seven Tony's, including Best Musical.

Who played Little Jake in the 1950 movie Annie get your gun?

Brad Morrow played Little Jake in Annie Get Your Gun.

Who played Annie in Annie get your gun?

Several actresses have played Annie on Broadway. A few of those actresses are Ethel Merman, Bernadette Peters, Cheryl Ladd, Susan Lucci, and Reba McEntire. Betty Hutton played Annie in the movie version in 1950.

Who plays Izzy and Annie in Legally Blondes?

Annie was played by Camilla 'Milly' Rosso.Izzy was played by Rebecca 'Becky' Rosso.