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In the 1994 film of Black Beauty directed by Caroline Thompson, Jerry was played by actor David Thewlis.

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Who are 2 minor characters in Black Beauty?

Jerry and Black Beauty are the 2 minor character

What was the name of the horse who played the black stallion?

Black Beauty

What is the name of the horse in black beauty?

well- the horse had many names in the move- first it was called blackie, then beauty then Jack then Black Beauty. but if you mean what was the name of the horse that played him was docs keeping time. he also played the black in the adventures of the black stallion and gulliver in the horse whisperer.

What character is played by Jerry Orbach on Law and Order?

Lennie Briscoe Jerry Orbach also did the voice of "Lumiere," the candlestick, in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Is Black Beauty a Thoroughbred?

Yes!!! My neighbor has the grandson of the horse that played Black Beauty. Since he is an Arabian, there must be some Arabian somewhere in that bloodline!

Character sketch of black beauty in the novel Black beauty?

black beauty is a very hadsome black horse.

Is Black Beauty a boy?

Black beauty is a female horse

Is black beauty a legend?

Black Beauty is a novel

What animal was Black Beauty?

Black Beauty was a horse. horse

Who is the best character in black beauty?

Black Beauty Of Coarse!

Who was mr wright in black beauty?

an owner of black beauty

What car is the black beauty?

Black Beauty was not a car it was a horse

When was The Beauty in Black created?

The Beauty in Black was created in 1994.

What movie and television projects has Ott been in?

Ott has: Played The Black Mustang in "Lassie" in 1954. Played The Stallion in "Bonanza" in 1959. Played Black Beauty in "Black Beauty" in 1971. Played Bunny in "Little House on the Prairie" in 1974. Played The Wild Stallion in "Run, Joe, Run" in 1974. Played Thunder - Horse in "Thunder" in 1977. Played Whiskey in "The Villain" in 1979.

Who owns black beauty now?

I'm going to assume you mean the Black Beauty from the book Black Beauty about a horse. That was written in 1877. I don't even think Black Beauty is a true story. If it was, though, Black Beauty would be dead.

What is the Character sketch of black beauty in the novel Black beauty?

a beautiful black horse

Is the Black Beauty horse still alive?

The horse that played Black Beauty in the movie is a Quarter Horse named Docs Keeping Time and the last I heard he is alive and well in California.

The main characters in black beauty?

Ginger,Duchess,Black Beauty

Is Black Beauty still alive?

No! Black Beauty died in 1987

Which type-of-creature is black beauty?

Black Beauty was a horse.

What is the setting of Black beauty?

Black Beauty takes place in England.

Is black beauty an ar book?

is black beauty a ar book

In the Anna Sewell novel what is Black Beauty?

Black Beauty is a horse.

Why is black beauty important in the story?

cause the book is about black beauty.....

What is the setting from Black Beauty?

Black Beauty is set in Victorian England.