Who played the best guitar?

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the greatest guitar player ever is this guy named grant. he is the best!!

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Q: Who played the best guitar?
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What is the best Guitar Hero game?

The best gutiar hero game I think is Guitar hero 3 for ps2. I have only played 4 of them.

What guitar hero game is the best?

The best gutiar hero game I think is Guitar Hero 3 for ps2. I have only played 4 of them.

Where is the acoustic guitar played?

Any guitar without electronic pickups and with a hollow body is considered to be an 'acoustic guitar' Acoustic guitars are best played into a microphone, or played where they can be heard in terms of location. Otherwise Acoustic guitars may be played anywhere.

Is an electric guitar the best guitar?

It depends on personal preference classical music would be best played on a classical guitar, metal would sound best on electric acoustic is a different sound so it is up to personal preference

How is guitar played?

the guitar is played with your fingers and its held on your lap.

Who played the guitar in the Jackson 5?

Tito played lead guitar. Jermaine played rhythm guitar in the early years, then switched to bass guitar.

What gauge of guitar strings work best for what sound and style of playing?

The guage of guitar strings that work best for sound will depend on the type of guitar that is being played. A person should consider guitar strings that are under a 10 guage to avoid bending.

Which Ramone played guitar?

Johnny Ramone played guitar in The Ramones

Who played the electric guitar in the beatles?

George Harrison played lead electric guitar. John Lennon played rhythm electric guitar. Both of them sometimes played acoustic. Paul McCartney also played the electric guitar.

Chuck Berry played the?

Chuck Berry played the electric guitar and he also sang.

What Beatles played guitar?

John Lennon played rhythm guitar and George Harrison played melody.

Who is Avril lavignes best friend?

Avril's best friend is Evan Taubenfeld, the one who played the guitar and back vocal in 2002,2003,2004...

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