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Who plays Bianca in eastenders?

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Patsy Palmer plays Bianca Butcher in Eastenders Patsy Palmer plays Bianca Butcher in Eastenders

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Is bianca leaveing eastenders?

yes patsy palmer who plays bianca will be leaveing eastenders later this year as she has to go of on her maternity leave as she is expecting a baby later this year

Does Bianca get caught in EastEnders?

The actress who plays Bianca - Patsy Palmer - had to leave during filming the current storyline as she went into an early labour. Because of this, Bianca is caught and she goes to prison on a charge of GBH for attacking Connor.

Who is third longest member of eastenders?


Who killed connor in eastenders?

It is probably Bianca

Is bianca whitneys mum in eastenders?

No Stepmum

Where did Bianca get her cardigan from in Eastenders on 14th December?

Bianca got her cardigan from online store ASOS

Who did Riki marry on Friday in Eastenders?

Bianca Jackson

Is bianca in eastenders Tiffany's mum in real life?


Who is carol in eastenders oldest child?

Bianca Jackson

When is bianca born in eastenders?

17 July 1977

How old is bianca in eastenders?

33 years old.

Who tried to kill Connor on Eastenders?

Bianca Butcher

Which eastenders couple are engaged?

Ricky and Bianca, Bradley and Stacey.

Eastenders who did ricky get married to?

ricky got married to bianca

What is Bianca Jackson's real name in EastEnders?

Patsy Palmer

In Eastenders who went into labor in the festive season?

Bianca Jackson

Who did Patsy palmer play in eastenders?

Bianca Jackson/Butcher

Who plays peter in eastenders?

Thomas Law Plays Peter In EastEnders

Bianca Jackson off eastenders real name?

Patsy Palmer

Where did Bianca get her cardigan in Eastenders 27th April 2012?

charity shop

Who plays Lauran in eastenders?

Jacqueline Jossa plays Lauren Branning in Eastenders.

Who is Tiffany's from eastenders mother in real life?

Her dad is Ricky and her mum is Bianca

Is robbie Jackson coming back to eastenders?

Yes, for Bianca Jackson's wedding.

When is bianca Jackson going to come back to Eastenders?

Yes at christmas time.

Who plays dotty in eastenders?

Molly Conlin plays Dotty (Dot's Granchild In Eastenders.

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