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Who plays mary Jane in spider man?

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Kristen Dunst played Mary-Jane Watson in the Spiderman trilogy

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Who plays the girl in Spider-Man?

Mary Jane Watson

What is Mary Jane of spider man real name?

The character's name is Mary Jane Watson. In the Spider-Man movies of 2002, 2004, and 2007, Kirsten Dunst is the actress that plays Mary Jane.

What is the name of the girl off of Spider-Man?

Kirsten Dunst plays Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Mans girlfriend)

What is the real name of Mary Jane in movie Spider Man?

Kirsten Dunst played Mary Jane in Spider-Man.

Who does Kirsten dunst play in spider man?

Kirsten Dunst plays Mary Jane Watson in in Sam Rami's Spider-man Trilogy.

What is the real name of Mary Jane in movie Spider-Man?

Mary Jane Watson

What was Mary Janes name from spider man?

Mary Jane.

Does Spider-Man try to save the bus of kids or mary-jane first in Spider-Man 1?

Mary Jane

Does Spider-Man save Mary Jane?

In Spider man 2 he reveals himself while saving Mary Jane then she know the spider man is non other than peter parker.

In what issue did Spider-Man and Mary Jane break up?

in ultimate spider-man vol.13 peter breaks up with Mary Jane.

What is Spider Man girlfriends name?

Mary Jane

Who is Spider-Man wife?

Mary jane

What the girl name from Spider-Man?

Mary Jane Watson .

Who are Spider-Man's friends?

Mary Jane and that man on spider man 3 who is the green gobling

Is Emma Stone playing as Mary Jane in Spider Man?

No, she is playing Gwen Stacey in Spider Man

Who is Spider-Man girlfriend?

Mary-Jane Watson

Who is Peter Parker's girlfriend in 'Spider-Man'?

Peter Parker's girlfriend in the movie "Spider-Man" is Mary-Jane Watson.

Who should Spider-Man take Mary Jane or Blackcat?

That's a personal opinion question, really. My opinion is that Mary Jane is a better match for Spider-man, than Black Cat. Mary Jane loves Peter Parker and accepts he's sometimes Spider-man. Black cat loves Spider-man, but isn't fond of Peter Parker.

Who was spider mans girlfriend in spider man?

mary jane aka kirsten dunst

Which move will mary-jane marry spider-man?

in the face

How to dress up as Mary Jane in Spider-Man?

mary jane is your name yes..............yy your boy is peter parker is spiderman

Does Spider-Man have a son?

No. BUt he does have a daughter with Mary Jane that soon becomes spider-girl

Who played Mary Jane in Spider-Man?

In the Spider-Man movie, actress Kirsten Dunst played the character of Mary Jane Watson. She was the best friend, love interest and eventually wife of Peter Parker.

Was Spider-Man married?

yes he was married to Mary Jane

Does spider man date Mary Jane or black cat?


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