Who plays the voice of underdog in the 2007 movie Underdog?


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Jason lee plays underdog. Jason lee is also in my name is earl

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The voice of Underdog (October 3, 1964 - 1973) was provided by Wally Cox (December 6, 1924 - February 15, 1973) .Underdog is voiced by Wally Cox in the cartoon and by Jason Lee in the movie .

Underdog is PG rated film released in 2007 starring Jason Lee (as the voice of Underdog) and James Belushi and is loosely based on the 1960s cartoon series. The film was released on DVD later the same year.

The voices you're hearing on the UK Underdog TV advert are Joe Pasquale as the Underdog, and Brian Blessed as the shadow. The voice-over at the end is Kenneth Cranham.

Well first the drew him on paper , then they fixed him up on the computer , finally they hired someone to play his voice and there is under dog.

Hiya Underdog is voiced by Joe Pasquale and the Shadow is voiced by Brian Blessed.

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