Who practises witchcraft?

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Some people practice witch craft.

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Q: Who practises witchcraft?
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What do you call a man who practises witchcraft?

A man practicing witchcraft may be call a witch, a shaman, a sorcerer, a magician, and/or a wizard. The word "Warlock" means oath breaker, if you call a male practitioner of witchcraft a warlock he will be offended.

What is a witch?

A witch is a person who practises witchcraft, or a derogatory term for an ugly or unpleasant person. It can also refer to various types of fish, including the Torbay sole, and the megrim.

What is the difference between a Necromancer and a Warlock?

Necromancy: Prediction of the future by supposedly communicating with the Dead. Warlock: A man who practises Witchcraft. A Dictionary is a wonderful thing. You should try it sometime.

Is witchcraft connected to pagan superstitions?

Paganism in modern times is an umbrella term for any nature based religion or set of beliefs and practises. Historically a "Pagan" was a country dweller, or one who comes from the heath. While "Witchcraft" is the craft of the wise - the practise of magick in order to maximise the natural order of things. Witchcraft is a pathway within Paganism.

What are the irrigation practises in India?

"What are the irrigation practises in india?"

Who practises Hinduism?

Hindus :)

Are maple leafs practises open to public?

yes they are! in fact, some practises the public can join the Leafs on the rink

How is zidane Muslim?

He practises Islam.

What is white witchcraft?

White witchcraft is more of a healing witchcraft, while black witchcraft is to harm someone else.

What is a calligrapher?

A calligrapher is a person who practises calligraphy.

Lack of spirituality leads to inhuman practises?


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