Who protects Athena?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Who protects Athena?
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What does Athena protect?

The goddess Athena protects the city of Athens in Greece.

Who helps and protects Perseus?


Which goddess protects Odysseus?


Goddess who protects and helps Odysseus?

i believe it was athena still need to think longer though:(

Who is Odysseus' protector and What does it tell us about him?

Athena protects him.

Why does Athena protects odyssey?

She respected him for his intelligence and cunning

Who feels protects Athena?

everyone.. except posiden. hey fought over Athens and never got along.

Which goddess protected Athens?

Athena is the Goddess that supposedly protects Athens. Athena and Poseidon fought over controll of the city. Each God had to give a present to the people whichever was the best would protect and 'rule' over Athens. Poseidon made a geyser of salt water. And Athena gave them an olive tree. Since the people could do nothing with salt water they chose Athena. Which in Greek mythology guards Athens.

Why is Athena the goddess of war?

Athena is a goddess of many skills. She has made useful inventions, she protects the city of Athens, and she is goddess of ordered warfare, as opposite to the bloodthirsty Ares, who loves wild, brutal battles. There is no answering WHY the gods were different and had different areas of responsibility - that's the way it was.

What is Greek for Athena?

the greek name for Athena is Athena or Athene.

Who was Athena's consort?

Athena did not have a consort. That is why she is called Athena the Virgin.

What nicknames does Athena Stamos go by?

Athena Stamos's birth name is Athena Ariella Stamos.