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It is widely believed that Thomas Jefferson contributed the original work. It also believed that his secretary was charged with the actual drafting of the final copy. Thomas Jeffersons contribution to the Constitution got him elected as the second President of our country. The above answer is wrong. Thomas Jefferson was not at the Constitutional Convention. He was the writer of the Declaration. He also was the 3rd president of the US, and because of several things happening all at once.

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Q: Who provided the most input in writing the US Constitution?
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Who contributed most to the writing of the constitution?


Who was responsible writing most of the constitution?

James Madison.

Who contributed most to the writing of the US Constitution?

James Madison is the father of the US Constitution.

James Madison has been called the Father of the Constitution' because he?

contributed most to the writing of the Constitution

What were the effects of the Constitution?

There were (and continue to be) multiple practical effects of the writing of the Constitution. The most important of these practical effects was that the Constitution allowed the new country...

What was the purpose of writing the the constitution?

The most basic purpose at the time for writing the US Constitution was to replace the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution was also written to protect the rights of the people, and to simultaneously strengthen and limit the power of the federal government.

The writers of the constitution originally provided that most of the powers of government belong to?

State Governments.

Who did most of the writing on the constitution?

Thomas Jefferson, actually, wrote the entire constitution. John Adams wrote/rewrote the draft the Jefferson wrote, formally.

Who contributed most to the writing of the constitution AA Jefferson or bb Madison or cc jay or dd randolph?

James Madison is considered the "Father of the Constitution."

How did the Constitution provide the framework for the US government?

The constitution provided the united states a foundation for the most impotant set of laws. It explained how the US government should work and operate.

Who played the most important role at the constitutional convention Madison or Washington?

Madison played such an important role in the writing of the US Constitution that he is still called the Father of the Constitution.

In what city did the Founding Fathers write the Declaration and the Constitution?

Most of the effort in writing the founding documents took place in Philadelphia.

What was the most alarming characteristic of the constitution?

The most alarming characteristic of the US Constitution for those that opposed the document was the lack of the Bill of Rights. This was a section within the official document that stated the basic rights and freedoms provided to every American citizen.

Which Founding Father's wife do you think played the biggest role in helping out with the Constitution?

In My opinion Abigale Adams had the the most input and had a pretty big role in the making of the Constitution because of how popular she became in history books and articles.

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Who wrote the Confederate constitution?

Alexander Stephens was the vice president of the Confederacy and his most significant achievement was writing much of the Confederate constitution. The US Constitution was the model for the Confederate one. He was a member of the Georgia secession convention and voted against leaving the Union.

Why was the constitution written in fancy writing?

Cursive (the 'fancy writing' you are on about) was pretty much the staple calligraphy back when it was written. Most laws, and even in some countries nowadays still write with the same style.

Who draft the US Constitution?

The US Constitution was drafted jointly by many men involved in it directly and indirectly. They were called the framers. The three most important men involved were Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and John Adams. Most of the actual writing was done by Governor Morris of Pennsylvania. However the fourth President of the US James Madison is known as the 'Father of the Constitution' as he authored most part of the constitution.

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What group wrote the US Constitution?

The people who wrote the constitution are known as the framers of the constitution. The framers were the political elite and over ninety-percent of them were wealthy lawyers. More than one person helped contribute to the writing of the constitution but the two primary ones were Gouverneur Morris and James Madison, whose diaries contained most of the ideas set into the constitution.

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Which state had the most signers to the constitution?

Pennsylvania had the most signers to the Constitution.

Who actually wrote the words to the constitution?

James Madison was the primary author, but all 55 members of the Constitutional Convention had a hand in the wording of US constitution. Many folks feel that Morris had the most input, but there's a list of folks that can take some credit