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STA Travel is a discount student travel agency. They can help you to book cheap student & teacher flights, hotels, and hostels.

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Q: Who provides the best student travel?
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What company offers the best discounts for student travel to France from AZ?

Most Student discounts are group discounts for a school group going. You can try looking for a student discount at

Where can I find the best deals on air fare for student travel tickets?

There are several places that offer discounted air fare for student travel tickets. STA travel is a student travel agency that works specifically with finding discounted travel for students, you can get tickets through them from Also you can find discounted student airfare from and

Who has the best travel health insurance for families?

HTH travel Insurance has the best travel insurance for families. It provides insurance for families on travel, study, or abroad. It also comes at a low price.

What is the best way to travel from Austin to San Antonio for a student?

jog it mate i believe in you

How can someone get student travel deals?

There are websites which specialize in student travel discounts., and all have student travel deals.

What travel agencies offer cheap student tickets?

Some travel agencies that offer cheap student tickets include Student Universe and Star Travel. Alternatively, you can also get cheap student tickets from One Travel.

Where can I find information about student travel safety in SC?

Horizon Travel‎ provides information on travel safety. You can contact them at 109 Old Chapin Road, Lexington, SC‎ - (803) 358-2220

What would be the best notebook laptop for a college student?

Apple Mac is best suited for a college student. There is good amount of discount that apple company provides to the students. They also offer student versions of different software which are sold at affordable prices.

Discount student travel?

Many places offer all kinds of discounts for students. The best place to find discoun on travel is to go to the travel website

Where do students obtain student loans?

Many colleges provides scholarship for student and also many student get loan from bank at a low interest. Also there are some organization who provides fund for student. It has helped many student in past.

How do I go about getting a visa for student travel?

The process for acquiring a visa for student travel varies from country to country. Your best option is to contact the consulate for the country you will be visiting before you go and they can provide you accurate information.

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