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The initial printings were by Harlequin. In the United States, it was #15 of the Harlequin American Romance series, 1983. In Great Britain, it was in the Love Affair series, 1984. There was also a Spanish-language version printed in Spain, translated by Dolores Rubio Manzanares, as "Una de cal y otra de arena" in Novelas con corazon--American Love series. Finally, there was a Dutch-language version by Harlequin Holland, "Ongetemde hartstocht", translated by Karina Zegers de Beril in the series Papillon American Love, 1984.

The novel is currently available as an e-book from Awe-Struck books and as a print-on-demand book from Earthling Press.

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Q: Who published 'Building Passion' by Jane Bierce?
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