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Robert Delwin Saget!

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Q: Who punched houdini in the stomach?
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When was Houdini's funeral?

His death was on October 31, 1926. Some dude punched him in the stomach 3 times, which created his ruptured appendix.

How did Henry houdini die?

Harry Houdini, born as Erik Weisz, died on October 31, 1926, due to complications from a ruptured appendix. It is believed that Houdini's appendix had ruptured after being punched by a student who wanted to test his claims of having a strong stomach. However, this theory is still disputed.

Who punched Harry Houdini?

J. Gordon Whitehead, a uni student.

Did any punched goten and kid trunks in the motuh and stomach?

majin vegeta punched them in the stomach but not mouth.

Did goten get punched in the stomach in any dbz episdoe or movies if so then by who?

Goten did get Punched in the stomach by Kid Trunks when they were playing.

What happened to the guy who punched Harry Houdini?

Many guys punched Harry Houdini, it was a common Houdini stunt that he frequently invited people to do to demonstrate how he could not be hurt. Nothing happened to any of them as Houdini wanted them to punch him. If you mean the guy that caught Houdini by surprise before he could prepare as he needed to for this to prevent injury, probably contributing to the ruptured appendix that killed Houdini a couple weeks later - nothing. He likely suffered from self imposed guilt though. Remember, Harry Houdini's act involved inviting punishment and potential injury and appearing to be unaffected!

What person died after a punch in the stomach?


Did gotenks get punched in the stomach in dbz?


Did Harry Houdini die during one of his shows?

A popular but misleading explanation states that a McGill student, in an attempt to test Harry Houdini's widely known strength, punched the magician in his stomach, thus causing his untimely death. On October 20th, 1926, Houdini had been visiting McGill University, giving students a presentation on his recent debunking of a Boston medium. Later on after the presentation at least two students came to visit him: Jocelyn Gordon Whitehead and Samuel J. Smilovitz, who decided to sketch Houdini. During the course of the meeting, Jocelyn Gordon Whitehead decided to challenge Houdini's strength and, without warning Houdini, delivered about three non-malicious punches to his stomach. It appears that Whitehead's punch to Houdini's stomach, while not fatal, aggravated an existing but still undetected case of appendicitis. Although in serious pain, Houdini nonetheless continued to travel without seeking medical attention.

Will someone punch me in the stomach?

You are likely to be punched in the stomach if you just had a large meal, such as Thanksgiving.

Did Houdini die of a trick?

Houdini used to do this act where he would flex his muscles and he would get someone from the audience to come and punch him. Well after one of his shows a guy surprised him and punched him in the stomach without him flexing. Houdini was severely winded but recovered enough to offer to repeat the attempt; the punch bounced off his flexed muscles. However, later Houdini was taken ill and later died of a burst appendix.

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