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Who put the American flag on the moon?

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There are six American flags on the moon from the Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 missions. Buzz Aldrin during the Apollo 11 mission placed the first flag on the moon.

The flags cost $5.50 USD each, and 5 of the 6 are still casting shadows. However, the material has likely degraded and the colors completely faded, so there would be thirteen white stripes as well as white stars.

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What flag was put on the moon?

It was American Flag that was first ever put on the moon.

Was the Colorado flag ever put on the moon?

No, only the American flag.

Did American astronauts go on the moon?

Yes, they went to the moon some time ago and put the American flag on the moon.

Did Neil Armstrong put the American flag on the moon?

of course he did

What did they do when they first landed on the moon?

Put the American flag and take a picture

Where is the original American flag that was placed on the moon?

The flag remains on the Moon .

Was niel Armstrong American?

Niel Armstrong is a American. Did you know he put up a American flag, when he rached the moon?

Is the flag that was placed on the moon still on the moon?

Yes the American flag is still on the moon

What happened to the American flag that Armstrong put on the moon?

Nothing happened to it. It's still there.

Who and why was the American flag put on the moon?

because of the space race against U.S.A. and Russia

What was the first flag on the moon?

The American Flag

What year did NASA put the American flag on the moon?

The first American flag to be placed on the moon was during the Apollo 11 mission. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin placed the flag too close to the Lunar Module and when the crew left the surface of the moon, the thrust of the engine push the flag over.

Is the american flag still on the moon?

Yes, the American flag(s) left on the moon by the Apollo astronauts are still located on the moon.

Is there a Japanese flag on the moon?

No. Only Americans have walked on the moon so there is an American flag on the moon.

Did Neil Armstrong place the American Flag on the moon?

Yes Neil Armstrong did place the American Flag on the moon.

Why they put the flag on the moon?

because the USA wanted to beat russia to the moon so they beat them and put a flag on it

Did neil Armstrong leave a flag on the moon?

Yes, he left the American flag on the moon

What year did Neil Armstrong put the first flag on the moon?

The year Neil Armstrong put the flag on the moon was in 1969.

What did Neil Armstong leave behind on the surface of the moon?

the American flag and his foot print

What did man place on the moon?

An American flag was left on the moon.

What did Armstrong leave on the moon?

Neil Armstrong left a flag on the moon.

What was put on the moon besides the flag?

... The man who walked on the moon.

Where is the tallest flag in the world?

You could say it would be on the moon. The flag was the American flag.

What time did neil Armstrong put the US flag on the moon?

he put it on the moon he did it yea

Did buzz aldrid put the flay on the moon?

No it was Neil Armstrong who put the flag on the moon.