Who qualifies to choose pope?


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Any cardinal under age 80 is eligible to vote in the conclave to elect a pope.

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No, they do not choose from a list. They may choose a name of a previous pope or choose a new name such as Pope John Paul I did.

Pope Benedict was able to choose a new name when he was elected Pope. Popes usually choose the name of a saint they admire.

A new Pope may choose whatever name he pleases. I don't think this is usually done out of respect for the first Pope.

The newly elected pope can choose to use his birth name or he may choose to use a regnal name.

The newly elected pope chooses his regnal name or may also choose to be known by is birth name.

We will not know until the current pope dies and the Cardinals choose a new pope in a secret conclave.

The Pope will hold office until their death or they become incapacitated or if they abdicate (Choose to stop being pope).

The current pope is the 15th pope to choose the name Benedict. Pope Benedict X was an antipope and his name does not count.

The pope is not allowed to listen to confessions. However, they are allowed to go to confession, if they choose to.

There have been 16 popes named Benedict. Please choose one of them.

"They" don't choose a new name for the Pope, when a new Pope is chosen, the Cardinal in charge steps up to his seat and asks him, in Latin, if he accepts election. If he replies in the affirmative, then the Cardinal asks him by what name he would like to be know. If he wants, he may choose a name right then, and that is it.

He can choose any name he wishes. He can alsi choose to use his birth name as there is no requirement to change the name.

A:Pope Gregory VII claimed what was an innovation in the Church - that the sole right to appoint bishops rested with the pope.

His name as pope is just Benedict XVI. Popes do not have last names when they become pope.

Roman Catholic AnswerTechnically God chooses the Pope working through his instruments, the Cardinals. They are the electors of the Pope as that is their job, that is why they are Cardinals to begin with.

Charlemagne did not want people to think the pope had the power to choose who was emperor.

Most of the time a pope is only replaced when he dies. However, if a pope should choose to retire, he can choose to stay as a guest of the Vatican, return to his home country or any place of his choosing.

He was the first pope elected from the Western Hemisphere. He was the first pope to choose the name "Francis." He was the first pope to ask for the blessing of the people assembled in the piazza before offering his own. He was the first Jesuit pope.

Two days was the length of the conclave that chose Benedict XVI as pope. He was elected on the 4th ballot.

The pope chooses his name or may even wish to keep his birth name. It is not required for him to choose a new name.

He usually reserves the power to excommunicate for heretics.

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Each cardinal writes his choice on a piece of paper and they then approach the Altar one by one. Up to four rounds of voting are allowed each day to choose the new pope.

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